Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

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1 - 32 of over 94 results Kitchen & Bath Fixtures
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94 items

1 - 32 of over 94 results Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Must-Have Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

When you are thinking of changing the decor of the kitchen & bathrooms, fixtures & faucets are one thing that clicks to mind. Fixtures & faucets help to create a unified design while improving quality, comfort & lifestyle. Fixtures bring function & form to kitchens & bathrooms and help to enhance their appearance to the next level. There are various types of taps, washbasins, handheld, faucet sprayer water, handheld, sink that holds the potential to bring a modern style while elevating the kitchen or bathroom aesthetic appeal. One thing you should put emphasis on when buying faucets & fixtures is their style & design. The designs you choose must complement the interiors otherwise the resultant look may not be the best. Getkart has a multitude of styles in kitchen & bath fixtures from where you can find your perfect one. Take a glimpse at our collection and add an eye-catching look to your place. 

Liven Up Your Home With Our Collection

Getkart has a vast array of choices in kitchen & bath fixtures to accentuate their beauty. Check out our myriad of finishes, patterns, designs & colours and pick the one that best suits your space. 

Designer Wash Basins:

Washbasins are truly essential for every bathroom. Gone were the days when washbasins used to be simple & sober. Now, there are many stylish designs to magnify the look of your bathroom. When it comes to quality, we serve you with the best quality wash basins that can last for generations. Go through our beautiful options & get a perfect fusion of style, trend & functionality. Shop now at the best prices. 

Kitchen Sink:

Choosing the best sink for your kitchen can be an uphill task. We have contemporary designs in kitchen sinks that will help you add panache to your kitchen. Choose from our wide variety of options and stylish elements for your kitchen. Whether your kitchen is small or a big one, we have high-end options to enhance the look of your kitchen. Explore our collection and pick the one that suits your requirements. 

Multi-Purpose Helping Handle:

Get a multi-purpose helping handle that requires no drilling and no fixing. It is easy to use and you can install it on any smooth surface such as glossy tiles, bathtub etc. This item is perfect for bath & shower. Get the one at the best prices from Getkart. 

Water Dispenser:

Water Dispenser is one of the kitchen essentials. We have the top brands under the roof- Blue Star, Voltas & more. It is in-built with three temperatures- Hot water, cold water, plain water. Getkart has a great collection of water dispensers in stylish looks & designs. Compare the features of different water dispensers and get the one that fits into your needs & budget. 

Buy Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Online

Online shopping has made life so easier as you can now shop with a click right from the comfort of your home. Getkart is an online platform with a huge assortment of kitchen & bath fixtures. Also, we offer amazing discounts, easy returns & timely delivery to provide you with a hassle-free shopping experience. Login to and start shopping.