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29 Items

1 - 29 of over 29 results Baby Care

Best Products For The Complete Safety Of Your Baby

Parenting is not the easiest job especially when your baby is newly born. You need to take care of a lot of things for the safety of your baby. From your baby first crawling to walking, you always have to pay a lot of attention. But having the right baby products may weaken your load and can make this journey more beautiful. Here is a glimpse of our baby care collection that will help you in every step of your motherhood phase.

Baby Knee Pads For Crawling:

When a baby starts crawling, it’s the best moment for parents that they always want to cherish. But being a parent, you need to be more careful. While crawling, your baby can hurt his/her knees, and ensure their complete safety is your foremost duty. Knee pads not only keep your baby safe but also provide immense comfort while crawling. So, get the one for your little angel and let them happily crawl all over the house. 

Baby Head Protector Back:

Using the Head Protector Back can reduce the risk of head injury to a great extent. When your baby is small and doesn't know how to sit properly, he/she can fall backward and here a Head Protector helps. But while buying a head protector, ensure that it is incredibly soft and comfortable. We provide a wide range of protectors to safeguard your kid from accidental falls. Shop now. 

Comfortable Baby Carrier Bag:

It is not possible to hold your baby 24*7 in your arms and here a Baby Carrier Bag helps. Whenever you step out of the house, you can hold your baby safely with a carrier bag. So either you are heading to a mall for shopping or traveling out of the town, a baby carrier will always act as your companion. Be sure to buy a soft, cushioned, comfortable carrier bag and position your baby perfectly. 

Soft Teether For Everyday Use:

When baby teeth start coming, they get comfort and relief by chewing on teethers. But the Teether you buy must be incredibly soft so it may not harm your baby. Getkart houses a great variety of Baby Teethers online. Check out different shapes and colors available and make your kid happy. 

Kidsafe Feeding Pillows:

Babies need to be very close to their mothers while feeding and a pillow helps in doing so. Explore our collection of nursing pillows & breastfeeding pillows online and get the perfect one for you. 

Buy Baby Care Products Online

Want to shop for baby care products but can’t go outside as you have an infant to take care of. No worries, as Getkart is here to serve you. With the best products online, we have everything that your baby may need while growing up. Login to and shop for your baby daily needs. Also, Getkart is offering Free Shipping on every purchase. Shop now and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.