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Kids Safety
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20 Items

1 - 20 of over 20 results Kids Safety

Your Kids Needs Extra Protection

There is nothing more important than the safety of a child. A child needs extra protection at home and outside. Especially when you are travelling with your baby, you need to ensure their utmost safety and comfort. Kids are sensitive and don’t know how to balance themselves. As a parent, you always drive safely and never think of speeding with a baby on board. But there are certain scenarios that may necessitate you to suddenly turn the steering wheel, hit the brakes or accelerate to get to your destination on time. All of these sudden incidents can cause harm or injury to your kid. So, you should always be on the safer side and must have all the travel safety equipment to safeguard your child from uncertainties. Travel Gear serves as a shield for your kids and assures their protection while on the road. They act as a bridge between your child & unpredictability. Investing in travel gear is the best way to protect your child so why risk it? Getkart has a huge assortment of car seats & accessories and travel gear online at the best prices. Explore our collection & shop now.

Car Seats & Accessories:

It’s difficult to keep a firm grip on your kid but you can ensure a safe & better ride with car seats & accessories. We have a wide array of soft-cushioned car seats for infants, toddlers, and small kids to provide them immense comfort throughout the drive. With a car seat, you can travel for long hours without worrying about your kid's safety & convenience. Your little one can take naps peacefully or enjoy the beautiful winds while driving. Also, we put more emphasis on the quality and provide you with the premium-quality collection. We have all types of car seats & accessories- convertible car seat, forward-facing child car seat, rear-facing baby car seat, back booster seat, high-backed booster seat etc. Buy now & let your kids enjoy their car ride without making them annoyed and cranky. 

Travel Gear:

Travel Gear are essentials to ensure a safe drive for your kid. We have a wide array of two-wheeler child safety belts that provide utmost convenience while travelling. So, you don’t need to leave your kids at home while going to shop outside using your own vehicle. Get a Kidsafe belt from Getkart, take your kids on the drive and let them enjoy the best moments of their childhood. 

Shop For Travel Gear Online

Online shopping provides maximum convenience as you can shop right from the comfort of your home. Also, you get the chance to compare different products- material, fabric, quality, price etc. We provide easy returns, timely delivery & exciting discounts online. Login to and browse over a multitude of options available. Buy now and get a simpler, convenient & hassle-free shopping experience.