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1 - 14 of over 14 results Learning & Education

When Learning & Fun Come Together

How about filling your kid’s toys wardrobe with some learning & educational ones? Not only it keeps your kid occupied but also helps to introduce them to various skills- reading, writing, English language, poems, drawing rhymes etc. Explore a world of educational toys at Getkart- puzzle games, magic slate board, doctor sets, mini laptops, alphabet board, attractive stationery, electronic LCD writing, picture books & more. These toys are the best way to develop your kid motor & cognitive skills without compromising their entertainment. Take a glimpse at our wide array of choices and build up their learning skills. 

Magic Slate Board:

Is your kid in the early phase of learning? A magic slate is a fun & interesting way to make your kid learn about different things & enhance their knowledge. With a magic slate, your kid can gather reading, writing & drawing skills. It comes with a pen, abacus and different beautiful shapes using which your kid can write & draw while playing. Get a double-sided slate- magic slate & chalk slate from Getkart at the best prices. Let your kid be more creative while studying ! 

Puzzle Games:

When it comes to kids learning & education, puzzle games never disappoint. Not only it keeps you engaged & entertained but it is the best way to hone your kid’s skills. It helps to develop cognitive skills, keeps the brain active, increases concentration power & focus. There are different types of puzzle games- knob puzzle, frame puzzle, chunky puzzle, floor puzzle, block building puzzle that you can buy from Getkart. Shop now and strengthen your kid efficiency & abilities. 

Learning Laptop:

Laptop toys are great tools for learning. On one hand, it’s the best source of entertainment and encourages your kids to learn on the other. These laptops enable children to explore the things around them, make them understand the concepts of maths, numbers & alphabets, and help them to learn rhymes & poems. It’s suitable for kids between 3 to 10 yrs of age. So, attract your kids towards learning and let them progress in a fun & exciting way. 

Doctor Set:

Having a doctor set is every child’s favourite. With this, your kid can have a great fun time with family & friends. It includes all the doctor accessories & can also be carried if you go out for a picnic or vacation. It served two purposes. It keeps the child engaged & entertained and helps to develop some motor skills. Isn’t that amazing that your child will gather so much knowledge about doctors & their work while playing. So get the one from Getkart and make your kid happier than ever. 

Buy Learning & Education Toys Online

Shopping online is a convenient way of getting the product right at your door. Also, you get the opportunity of browsing a multitude of options. Getkart is a one-stop store for kids toys. Shop for learning & education toys at getkart.in and make your kid more intelligent & smart.