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1 - 20 of over 20 results Puzzles

Puzzles- Enhance Your Kids Skills While Having Fun

Puzzles are a must to have in your kid’s toys & games collection. Not only it keeps them entertained & engaged but also an effective way to develop cognitive skills in their childhood days. It benefits the kid’s brain in numerous ways. Solving a puzzle requires so much concentration & effort which in turn improves mental speed and brain development. Through puzzles, you make them learn about various animals, birds, fruits, birds, national symbols, body parts etc. The best part of puzzles is that your children will get knowledge on various aspects while developing some basic skills. Investing in puzzles is the best way to make the most of your kid’s free time. Once you start the puzzle, it’s hard to stop playing. Getkart has a wide range of puzzles for different age groups- knob puzzles, chunky puzzles, peg puzzles, frame puzzles, floor puzzles etc. Shop from our collection online and be the reason for your kid’s smile. 

Different Types Of Puzzles For Kids

When it comes to puzzle games, we have a vast array of choices to pick from. 

Alphabet Puzzle:

Is your child all set for play school? An alphabet puzzle may help you make them learn about all alphabets efficiently. Sometimes kids get confused among letters and are not able to recognize or learn them. Here, an alphabet puzzle can be the main medium of learning. It helps to build up the identification skills without any stress. The kid will not even know that he/she is actually studying while playing. Get a colourful alphabet puzzle from Getkart and let your kid enjoy learning. 

Block building Puzzle:

Block building puzzle is every kid's favourite. But what if we add education to it? There are many block puzzles equipped with numbers, images, and alphabets. It helps to develop creative thinking and enhance concentration power. Also, it stimulates the visual development of toddlers & young children which is best for their childhood days. Grab a block puzzle from Getkart and teach your kids in a fun & interesting way. 

Family Puzzle:

It’s important for kids to understand what family is and how many members are there. Here, a family puzzle can help you. Engage them in completing the puzzle and meanwhile make them learn the real meaning of family. Till the puzzle is solved, your little one will get to know the basics of family. 

Star Cube Puzzle:

This puzzle helps to identify the patterns, increases concentration & makes the kids learn about amazing tricks. It keeps the brain active which in turn helps to process the information more quickly. So, get a star cube from Getkart and develop imagination & thinking skills in your kid. 

Shop For Puzzle Online

Solving puzzle games not only provides unlimited fun but also enhances the intelligence level. Now, you can shop all kinds of puzzles online at reasonable prices. Isn't it amazing? So, log in to getkart.in and browse a comprehensive range of puzzles from the convenience of your home. Shop now and hone your kid’s skills to a great extent!