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81 items

1 - 32 of over 81 results Bath & Body

A huge Lineup To Pamper Your Skin

Having all the bath & body essentials is a must to live a healthy lifestyle. But scrolling over the markets to buy these must-haves is no less than a challenge. What if we say that shopping for beauty & bathing products isn't as difficult as it once was? Yes, you read that right. With Getkart, you can shop for all your bathing & beauty products with a few clicks. We have a wonderful range of body wash, soaps, deodorants, lotions, talcum powder to serve your daily requirements. Your biggest cosmetic store is ready to welcome you. Shop now and start every day with healthier skin. 

Bath Salt:

Bath salt used to be added to the water while bathing. It has several benefits that make it a must to buy. It contains natural minerals that help to reduce body pains & aches, provide better blood circulation, reduce inflammation, treat body acne on hard-to-reach areas and improve cleaning. Getkart has a huge lineup of bathing salts from top brands like Vedela naturals. Explore our collection online and take a step forward to a healthier life. 

Body Talc:

As summer steps in, talcum powder becomes the true essential of everyday life. It is the best way to beat the extreme heat in summers. Not only does it provide a beautiful fragrance but also keeps your skin dry, cool & calm. It also acts as a key to treating itchy skin and irritation. So, get the one from Gekart and keep your skin smooth all day. 

Soap & Body Wash:

Soap & body wash are important to get dirt & dust off from your skin. Not only they help freshen you up but also act as a gateway to treat common skin conditions. It also helps to treat dryness, skin flaking & clogged pores. Getkart has a wide range of handmade soaps from Vedela Naturals, top-branded soaps & body wash that you can shop online. Get better, smooth & glowing skin every day. 

Perfumed Body Spray:

A good fragrance makes you attractive. If you don’t smell nice, you may not be able to create a strong impression on others. Here comes the role of body spray. It helps you ward off body odour and give a pleasant smell all day. Shop at Getkart from popular brands like Oriflame and leave your irresistible smell wherever you go. 

Body Lotion:

Moisturizing the body on a daily basis is very important for smooth & healthier skin. It retains moisture and softens your skin to a great extent. Regular use of body lotion helps with wrinkles & antiaging and let your skin glow. Shop for the body lotion at Getkart from the top brands like Assure and bring a spectacular shine to your skin. So, what is holding you back? Shop now and start pampering your skin. 

Buy Bath & Body Products Online

Bath & Body products are everyday essentials the importance of which can’t be overlooked. Getkart houses a great collection of Bath & Body products to give you a pearl-like shiny skin. Take a glimpse at our huge lineup and fill up your dressing with everything you need. Shop now at free shipping and feel the beautiful change in your skin.