Foot & Hand Nail Care

Foot & Hand Nail Care

Foot & Hand Nail Care

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    Pedicure Foot Care - Foot Scrapper Brush
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1 - 20 of over 20 results for Foot & Hand Nail Care

For Your Foot & Nail Care

Your care is important to us. Getkart brings you a wide range of collections to serve your daily foot & nail essentials. Take a glance at our vast array of choices and get exciting deals. Adorn your beauty to the extent you deserve! 


Foot Scraper Brush: Feet are your body’s foundation so their care holds utmost importance. Your feet represent your personality and cracked heels look unattractive. Regular use of foot scraper removes dead skin from your feet and makes them smoother & shiny. A foot scraper may also be used to remove calluses and corns. So, buy the one and get healthy & appealing toes. 


Nail Filer: No matter how long your nails are, they will not look good if not in shape. To keep a uniform length and shape, having a filer is a must. Not only it helps you give beautiful nails but also protects your nails from breakage. So, buy the one from top brands like Vega and get well-shaped nails. 


Leg Foot Massager Slippers: Suffering from foot pain but can’t find a way to relieve it? Here a foot massager slipper comes to your rescue. Acupressure slippers target nerve endings and provide better blood circulation. If you wear it on an everyday basis for 30 minutes, you will be able to see positive results such as pain relief, better sleep, lower blood pressure, and immense relaxation. Buy now for healthier feet. 


Foot Care Cream: Your feet need special attention so moisturizing them daily is a must. Some people believe that all creams serve the same function which is not true. Foot creams have their own significance and massaging with them every day gives you softer feet. If you have roughness or cracked heels, then foot care creams are meant just for you. It gives a radiant glow and brings out a beautiful personality. 


Nail Cutter With Foldable Scissors:  Regular cutting of nails is important to prevent diseases especially for kids. With long nails, kids can harm themselves. Buy nail cutters with foldable scissors from popular brands like Vega at the best prices online. 


Shop Online & Define Yourself With Style

Daily foot & nail care is important to feel beautiful from inside and out. Your nails are a reflection of your persona so it needs to be clean and well in shape. On the other hand, keeping your feet healthy is necessary to your overall health. To get the best care, you must have the right foot & nail care products. From pain relief silicon socks to nail filers, we have everything under the roof. Shop now and get free shipping on every purchase. Enjoy an affordable & convenient shopping experience.