Policies for Buyers

Information Collection

We shall manage any details sent to us about disputes or concerns related to the Platform or goods and/or services that are bought via the Website. Please keep in mind that Buyers and/or Sellers may submit disputes about the products or services of the Platform and/or disputes between Buyers and Sellers to the Platform, but in such circumstances, we will process information published to us by Buyers and/or Sellers relating to the disputes or complaints submitted. Which will include, to the extent relevant to the issues or complaints being examined by the Platform, end-user health data (which could include minors as applicable) of items purchased mostly on the Website and to the extent that the individual(s) expressly consented to their information being shared with us during the purpose of addressing the complaints and/or trying to resolve the conflicts.

By joining our website identities or submitting an email request, users can update, change, or validate the results given. The required modifications would take a reasonable period of time due to all the authentication method and server caching policies. If you'd like to receive a copy of our information, which we keep for transportation to another nation, please feel free to Contact Us with the request from the above email account.

Consumers can also disable or uninstall their accounts on-site. On a case-by-case review, we will evaluate those applications and take the appropriate steps in accordance with applicable laws. In this respect, please be aware that the requested information to be deleted should remain with each other in historical records for the purpose of complying with regulatory provisions or for whatever legal reason. Consequently, participants are told at the time of enrollment to seriously reconsider what kinds of information they would like to send to us.


Information we may receive from you may well be reported and delivered back to you or us to third-party service providers upon whom we rely and provide services. Information can be shared, for example, with

For greater efficiency, more competition, innovative market competitive matches, related businesses, and better-tailored services.

Governmental or regulatory or law enforcement authorities, as needed under system controls, for biometric authentication or protection, recognition, cyber crash investigation, enforcement, and prosecution of crimes.

Network operators, including but not limited to payment services, clients, and third-party cloud processing government agencies, are interested in allowing customer's needs. Business associates send their business relationships solely without site involvement to users operated and sold by themselves.

On the website, connections to any of the other websites could be accessible as a convenience to users, and the website does not have any control over such websites. Usage of these websites by both the users shall be controlled by their specific Privacy Policy, and this Privacy Policy shall not apply to the use of such websites. Customers of these websites are recommended to read the security procedures of those websites.

Buyer Account



Q. How to register on Getkart?

Welcome to Getkart! We are here to provide you best online shopping experience.

Register for free on Getkart!

Steps to create a GetKart Account

  1. Read Getkart Terms and Conditions
  2. Click on “I Agree” if you wish to create an account.
  3. Click “Register” at top of the website
  4. Fill out the form.
  5. Check your email for confirmation message.
  6. Click on Confirm

You will receive a confirmation message from support@getkart.in within few minutes.


Why I did not receive confirmation email?

Make sure the email Id provided is correct. Check your spam folder or social media and promotion tab (for Gmail)

Yay! You are ready to shop with us!


Q. How to log in/log out of Getkart?

Go to www.getkart.in and click “Sign in” at the top of the website. Enter email Id or contact number to log in to your Getkart Account.

Q. How to reset my Getkart password?

Forgot your password? Set your password here.

Enter the registered email Id or contact number to recover your password. Getkart will send you a password reset link to “Simply click on Forgot Password and follow the instruction below:”


Q. Why I am unable to login my Getkart Account?

Facing issue while “logging in” your Getkart Account. Try logging in with correct login details. If you wish to reset your password follow the instructions to reset the password.

Q. Someone used my email Id to create Getkart Account?

If you received an email from Getkart to an email address that you didn’t use to create a Getkart account, a few things may have happened:

  • Someone would have misspelled their email address when registering for a Getkart account
  • Someone may have created a Getkart account using your email address
  • You may have created this Getkart account a long time ago

If you didn’t create this Getkart account, click Contact support at the bottom of this page.


Q. How to contact Getkart Support?

Have any queries? We are here 24*7 available to assist you. Kindly Email us at
Or Contact Us at +918800957957.


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If you want to change your account settings. Make changes to your username, mobile number, account information, change password and email you can do these changes from “Account Settings” section.

To change account settings:
  1. Go to Your Account and select Account Setting
  2. Click “Edit Account” if you wish to edit or update any details in your Getkart account.
  3. Select the option which you want to edit then click Save Changes
Forgot Password/Reset Password
  1. If you have forgot your password click on “Forgot my password”
  2. Provide your registered email Id or contact number to set a new password.
  3. We will send you a password reset link on your contact number or email Id to set a new password.
  4. Click on the link and set a new password. Make sure to use a strong password.
  5. Click on save password.

Don’t forget to follow the on-screen instructions.

If you change the e-mail address on your account to an e-mail address that is already associated with another Getkart account, we will ask that you first verify your e-mail address. For more information, go to Verify Your E-mail Address for a New Account.

If you change your e-mail address, all subscriptions and communications preference will automatically be associated with your new e-mail address.


We offer 100% Buyer Protection Policy to our customers.

Our customer are our strength and hence their protection is most important to us. At Getkart we clearly define our values and promises to our customers.

1. Genuine Products

Merchant guarantees to sell only genuine products to customers through Getkart.in

2. Secure Payments

  • Customers' Personal information is always kept safe and confidential.
  • All on-line Transactions are secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

3. Easy Returns, Replacements & Refunds

Return request for any Order should be submitted within 30 days of receiving the Product. Refund will be initiated only upon receiving of the product Replacement will depend upon the availability of the production in case the product was damaged while in your possession, will not be under any liability to process the refund/replacement Damaged/ Missing/ Empty Packages need to be returned within 30 days of receiving the product Order Replacement can be done in following cases:

  • Wrong Size/ Color/ Style/ Quantity
  • Missing Parts/ Accessories
  • Defective/ Damaged (if not under Manufacturer's Warranty)
  • Not as per description
  • Return Package ought to have the first tag and Packaging slip
  • Few merchandise are Non-Returnable. Go through the product description