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74 items

1 - 32 of over 74 results Accessories & Supplies

Must-Have Electronic Accessories & Supplies

There are many electrical appliances that become essential for your everyday needs. From USB LED Bulbs to light up the place wherever you go to Digital Notepads for making daily notes, we have everything under the roof. 


Looking to buy USB LED bulbs to illuminate your place? Getkart is your one-stop shop. We have a huge collection of high-quality LED bulbs that not only brightens up your room to a greater extent but also lasts long. The best part about USB LED bulbs is that you can carry them wherever you go & get proper light by plugging them into a laptop port, car USB docks, smartphone ports or any host USB device.  

Memory Card Case:

Memory cards have confidential information so it’s important to keep them safe. A memory card case helps you place all your sd cards in an organized manner. So, if you are looking to buy the one, get a WON 24 slots memory card case from Getkart at the best prices. It is water-resistant and comes with a multi-purpose hook that enables it to be attached to belts or bags. 

Plug Extension:

When you have no electric sockets near your beds, the plug extension comes to your rescue. It comes with a long power cord that helps to provide power for devices that can’t reach nearby electrical outlets. Suppose you need to charge your laptop but the power outlet is at a distance from your bed, you can use the extension to charge it. Get an Anchor Pins N Plug Extension Board from Getkart to provide unstoppable power to your devices without any hassle.

Audio Video Cables:

Stereo audio-video cable works great with Vcr, Dvd, Hd-Tv, or any Other Audio Video Equipment With 3Rca Connectors to provide sharp & clear audio-video connectivity. If your stereo cable is damaged or not working properly, you can get the one from Getkart and get an uninterrupted audio-video experience. 

Digital Notepad:

The latest technological inventions have made our living easy. Earlier we used to make notes on paper which requires much effort & time. Now, digital notepads have taken the place of paper notes. Digital Notepads makes it easier to store a great amount of information that can be accessed anytime and shared with others too. If any of the data is of no use for you, you can delete them. You can make ample notes without worrying about storage capacity and carry them wherever you go. So, take a step forward to the digital world and improve your notes for better learning. 

Shop Electronic Accessories & Supplies Online 

Getkart is an online platform that houses all types of electronic accessories & supplies you may possibly need. Browse our collection online & get anything at free shipping.