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18 Items

1 - 18 of over 18 results Washing Machine

Washing Machine- A budget-friendly approach to ease your laundry chores

Remember the days when people used to wash the clothes by themselves by sitting on the floor which is no less than a daunting job. But washing clothes is not a complex process now. With the convenient inventions of washing machines, your daily job can be done without putting much effort into it. Just toss your dirty clothes in the machine, press the few buttons and your work is completed. Doesn't that sound amazing? But some people wonder that washing machines cost too much and still take the hassle of washing the clothes manually. If that is the case, we have an excellent solution for you. Getkart is an online shopping platform that houses all the older versions to the latest inventions in washing machines. Whether you want a fully automatic machine or a portable one to save space & money, we’ve got you covered. Get yourself a washing machine & add an amazing shine to your clothes. 

All Types Of Washing Machines Are Here

Clothes need to be washed several times a week and going to the laundry every time is quite impossible. Having a washing machine in every home is a must. But every family has different requirements and no one wants to waste their precious money on appliances that don’t fulfil their needs. So, finding the right washing machine that perfectly suits you must be your first priority. Browse our vast array of options and make an appropriate choice. 

Fully Automatic:

Looking to buy a comfortable option to simplify your laundry chores? A fully automatic machine is just a click away. It washes and dries your clothes with a touch of a button. Fully Automatic machines have better power efficiency and it requires less energy & effort to wash the clothes. Also, it is best at removing stubborn stains. One thing that you should keep in mind is that a fully automatic machine requires a direct water connection and you can’t add clothes in between the wash cycle. Browse all the top brands at Getkart- LG, Samsung, Godrej and enjoy the privilege of more time with a fully automatic machine. 


Are you the one who put “Affordability” on a higher scale rather than “Comfort”. A semi-automatic machine would be the right option for you. It is cheaper yet effective to bring shine to your clothes. It requires manual intervention but you have control over how much water to use in one cycle & can also add clothes in the middle of the wash cycle. Getkart has a multitude of options in semi-automatic machines- Samsung, LG, Whirlpool. Compare the features and get the one that fits best into your budget and requirements. 

Portable Washing Machine:

Are you living alone and don’t have much space in the home for a regular machine? A portable washing machine would be a perfect solution for you. It uses less energy, effort, & water and holds the potential to clean all the stains with its high-frequency vibration function. It is an expedient option as compared to washing clothes with hands. Get the portable washing machine from Getkart & say goodbye to the back pains. 

Bring Convenience To Home By Shopping Washing Machines Online 

Buy a washing machine from Getkart and enjoy maximum savings with the biggest discounts available. Shop now at free shipping and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.