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564 items

1 - 32 of over 564 results Computers & Peripherals

Stay Ahead Into The Smart Technological World 

In this era of the modern world, computers & peripherals are the important appliances for home & office places. Whether you are a student or a professional, computers have become an indispensable part of our lives. Like a laptop is essential to make PowerPoint presentations, excel reports or design images, printers & scanners are needed to scan or print the documents. Gone were the days when people used to make reports manually with immense time & effort. It’s a smart digital world where everything can be done with a click and can be shared online. 

The latest technology inventions make our life easier and improve our standard of living. Now, you don’t have to run to a cybercafe on an urgent basis for scanning or printing the documents as you can do it right at your home. But some people think that these appliances are expensive and they are left behind in this smart technological world. If that is the case, Getkart is here to provide an optimal solution. We have a wide range of computers & peripherals at huge discounts & offers that will let you make maximum savings. Shop now & live a life full of simplicity. 

High-Performance Computers & Peripherals

Getkart has a huge collection of computers & peripherals online. Computers, laptop accessories, data storage, printers, ink & cartridges, screens & monitors, projector screens, we have everything under the roof. 

Computers & Laptops:

Browsing online to get a computer at affordable prices? Getkart is your one-stop destination. We have all-in-one computers from well-known brands varying in display sizes, display types, ROM, RAM etc. Whether you need a gaming laptop to play high-performance games or a Chromebook to get things done faster & easier, we’ve got you covered. 

Projector Screens:

Projector screen holds the potential to bring your home theatre experience to life. It expands the screen to a greater extent and gives you a cinematic view right at your home. You can connect it to a computer, or TV and watch your favourite movie with your full family. It provides better lighting & quality view. So, what are you waiting for? Take a glance at our wide array of screen projectors varying in sizes, features and shop that best fits your needs. 

Printers & Ink:

A printer is a hardware output the importance of which we can’t overlook. But running to a cybercafe every time for printing & scanning documents or images is quite a hassle. So, why don't you bring a computer at home? Either to print documents, high-quality images, calendars, stickers, paper ads, you can do all of that in seconds at your home. Checkout all the top brands available at Getkart- Hitech, HP, Brother, and get a full-featured printer online. 

Buy Online & Get A Perfect Tech Experience

Why roll over the markets to buy computers or printers when Getkart is just a click away. Just log in to and grab your products at amazing discounts & deals. Also, get free shipping & easy returns.