Keyboards, Mouse & More

Keyboards, Mouse & More

Keyboards, Mouse & More

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24 Items

1 - 24 of over 24 results Keyboards, Mouse & More

Must-Have Computer Accessories

Having a desktop is not enough. You must have all the computer accessories to perform all its functions effectively & for a smoother working experience. 


The keyboard is the most important & effective device that is essential for effortless typing and operating the computer. As far as the laptop is concerned, it already comes with a keypad but you can attach a keyboard to it for a much easier and comfortable working experience. Getkart has a wide range of keyboards from top brands like Zebronics and Prodot. Whether you need a UV coated keypad with USB input or the latest wireless keyboard, we’ve got you covered. Explore now and get a keyboard at the best prices & discounts. 

Mouse & Mouse Pads:

A mouse is a quintessential part of computers. It is used for clicking, copying, dragging & dropping, page up & down, rollover and executing many other functions on a computer. We have a huge assortment of wired & wireless mouses from popular brands like Dell. Also, the mouse functions better when placed on a mouse pad. So, get a comfortable mouse pad with wrist rest support that delivers excellent performance and prevents the mouse from slipping. 

Computer Power Cord & Cables:

Is your computer power cord ripped or damaged? Get the 3 pin plug Technotech power cord from Getkart that is compatible with Desktop, PC, Printer or SMPS. Also, we have the best quality cables for an uninterrupted technological experience- VGA cable HDMI cable, USB 3.0 printer cable, USB computer cables from the brands like Terabyte, Technotech, StarTech, MeshTech etc. 

Portable & Flexible USB LED Lights:

What if you are doing important work on your laptop and the lights turned off? Here, USB LED lights come to your rescue. It acts as a small lamp that provides ample light while typing or reading without any hassle. All you need is to plug it into your computer or laptop USB port and start working in a brighter light. It is a short USB cable that can be carried anywhere you go. Also, you can connect it to a mobile or power bank to get instant light wherever you are. 

USB Bluetooth Dongle:

A USB Bluetooth Dongle is a cost-effective way to allow Bluetooth wireless connection to your computer. All you need is to insert it into the USB port of your CPU and connect any Bluetooth device you want. Get a USB Wireless Hands-Free Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver from Getkart which is compatible with speakers, music systems, home theatres etc and stay ahead into this smart technological world. 

Pen Drives:

A pen drive is an essential device for data backup, storage and transferring of computer files. They are quickest, faster and have substantially more storage than floppy disks or CDs. Get an 8 GB Sandisk Pendrive from Getkart and keep all your confidential safe & secure. 

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