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1 - 25 of over 25 results Speakers

Enjoy an Immersive Sound Experience

Music is the greatest human creativity which helps us to express our feelings & emotions. When we are feeling low, music acts as therapy and makes us feel good. Music is a stress buster that helps to calm us with a sprinkle of happiness. Whether you are a musician or just a normal person who listens to music for some moments of peace, everyone wants an immersive & clear sound. Nothing is more irritating than listening to music with poor clarity. Whether you are hosting a party to celebrate your success or a game night, you need best-quality speakers for an immersive sound experience. A power-packed speaker holds the ability to turn your home into a party club. Wondering where to buy top-notch speakers at affordable prices? Getkart is your one-stop destination with a wide range of functional yet powerful speakers. Explore our collection online and let your emotions flow with the rhythm.

Wide Range Of Speakers To Feel The Rhythm

Getkart has a huge assortment of speakers to add happiness & some magical moments to your life through music. Loudspeakers for a rocking party or Bluetooth speakers for soothing music, we are here to fulfil all your needs. Take a glimpse at our collection:

Radio Cassette Player:

Radio Cassette Player is the convenient, effective and portable way of listening to music. You can listen to the radio, or enjoy your favourite song by inserting a cassette. So, what are you waiting for? Get a Toshiba portable radio cassette player from Getkart and bring music to life. 

Mic with Speakers:

We have a vast range of Mic with Speakers online. Most people are buying these as they serve two purposes. On one hand, you can listen to your favourite music and speak with a clear & louder sound while enjoying the songs. Explore our collection online and make a suitable choice with a click. 

Portable Bluetooth Speakers:

Bluetooth speakers are much in trend as it provides a sharp & louder sound and has the potential to transform your room into a nightclub. Whether you are listening to music or watching a movie on your phone, you can connect it to Bluetooth speakers & enjoy a cinematic experience. We have all kinds of mini to high bass speakers that you can carry while travelling to make your way more enjoyable & fun. 

Water-Resistance Speakers:

Hosting a pool party to beat the extreme heat? Your party will be incomplete if there is no music. But normal speakers can get damaged with a sprinkle of water. So, what is the best alternative? Here comes the role of water-resistance speakers. With these, you can rock the party with loud music. So, enjoy your drinks while turning up the volume. 

Buy High-Quality Speakers Online

Getkart has a huge assortment of speakers from all the popular brands. Login to getkart.in and browse hundreds of options online. Get easy returns & timely delivery.