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228 items

1 - 32 of over 228 results Health Care

Be Fit, Be Healthier

Being healthy is what makes you feel good. There is a saying that health is wealth which is absolutely true. No matter how luxurious or comfortable your life is, you will not find it beautiful if you are not feeling good. A healthy lifestyle is very important but many people take it lightly. Some people do proper care of themselves but leave it midway due to their busy schedule. Now, you can resolve all your issues by investing in the right healthcare products. Like if you have foot pain, you can get immense relief with acupressure footwear or get rid of back pain with a waist belt. Getkart houses a wide assortment of healthcare products- back braces, handheld massager, protein powder hot water bags, sanitary pads, masks, ayurvedic powder for joint pains, travel neck support pillow, immunity & wellness capsules & more. Take a glimpse at our collection online and get what you want with just a click. 

Wide Range Of Healthcare Products

Your health is important to us. We bring you an upscale collection of healthcare products right at your doorstep. Shop now & open the doors of a healthier lifestyle. 

Pain Relief Appliances:

Suffering from back pain, stomach ache, or foot pain? It’s a common issue which many people face. But you can say a permanent goodbye to them with smart pain relief appliances. Like if you have muscle stiffness including back and collar pain, you can heal it by purchasing an electric massage pillow. It not only bumps off the muscle tension but also provides immense relaxation & comfort. Shop for back braces, foot massager, hand massager, acupressure footwear, heating pads from Getkart and feel relieved & relaxed like never before. 

Face Masks & Hand Sanitizer:

In these times of coronavirus, face masks & hand sanitiser becomes truly essential. It protects us from catching the virus and helps us to keep safe. There are different types of masks on the basis of size and material. Getkart has a wide collection online- cotton masks, reusable masks etc that helps to prevent you from harmful pollutants and impurities. Shop now and protect your whole family when stepping out of the house. 

Protein Powder:

If you are a gym person, your body will need extra protein to build the muscles. It is rightly said that taking a better diet helps to give us nutrition. But sometimes the diet is not enough to provide the right amount of nutrition. Here comes the role of protein powder & supplements. It fulfills all the deficiency of protein in your body and helps to keep you fit. They are also known to boost your metabolism which makes it easier for you to lose weight. So, if you are looking to buy one, shop now from Getkart. 

Immunity & Wellness Capsules:

Getkart has a collection of Ayurveda immunity & wellness capsules that help the immune system function properly and prevent illness. It helps to build a strong & healthy immune system and reduce your chances of getting sick. 

Buy Healthcare Products Online

Buying online is the most convenient and hassle-free process. All you have to do is log in to and shop for any products with a click.