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Order Tracking


Wish to track your order? Find the tracking information of your package in the My Orders section.

Follow these steps to track your order:
  1. After successfully login, go to “My Orders” section.
  2. Select the “Track my Order” button to know about the status and tracking information of your order. If your order includes multiple items, each may have separate status and delivery dates.

Ordered through Seller? Kindly contact the Seller for more information regarding your product.

If you need any further assistance regarding your order kindly mail us at

Order Cancel or Modify


Wish to cancel or modify your order? You can cancel your order by navigating to “My Orders” section.

    In case your order has not been shipped:
  1. Go to “My Orders”
  2. Click “Select item”
  3. If you wish to cancel multiple items click on the checkbox to cancel the items.
  4. Cancel the selected items.

Once you have submitted a request to cancel the order you will receive a confirmation to proceed the deletion of your order. Once you click on the confirmation your order would be cancelled.

You can go to “My cancelled orders” and check whether your order is cancelled or not.

If ordered through seller contact the seller for information related to the cancellation process.

    In case your order has been shipped:
  1. Login to Getkart Account.
  2. Go to “My order”.
  3. Click on “Request Cancellation” of your order.

If the request of cancellation would be approved the refund of the amount will be processed. The mode of refund would be shopping credits. In case you have ordered from Seller then you need to contact the seller for the details about your package.

You can track your order from Order tracking.

Returns & Refunds

Getkart Returns

If you wish to return a product you may place a “return request” with us and if your product falls under the return policy guidelines than your product will returning.

General Returns Policy
    1. If you receive a product in a damaged or defective state and have missing parts or accessories or if you have received a different product than what is mentioned on the product description then you can place a cancellation request.
    2. If you face a problem related to electronic goods, air conditioners, smartphones, microwave, oven, washing machine, television then we may try to schedule a technician to check about the status of your product. The technician may help you with the evaluation of your products.

  1. Be ensured that return will be processed only if:
    • The product is unused and has not been damaged while you are in the ownership.
    • To return a product to us it should be in the exact same condition as it was shipped to you. The product should have the manufacturer’s box, accessories, user manual, warranty card, MRP Tag in the same state as received.
    • Products marked as “Non-returnable” on the product detail section will not be return. Buyers are advised to read the product description before placing an order.
    • If you face any issue with the products which are non-returnable, you could contact us at our customer support for assistance.
    • You can return a product only within 10 days from the day your product was delivered.

Getkart Refunds

If your request for refunds has been approved then you will get a full refund including the shopping shipping costs. Terms and conditions applied.

    Getkart Refund Policy:
  1. Your product amount will refund through the original payment method which has been used while placing an order.
  2. Your final value fee and shipping value fee will be refund as “Getkart Credits” which can be used while shopping next time on Getkart.
  3. If you wish to contact the seller directly you could message them for a resolution.

If you need any further assistance regarding your order kindly mail us at

Return & Replacement Policy

Return & Replacement Policy

Our goal is for our customers to make them happy with their purchase. But things may not always go as planned. If things don’t go as planned, contact us and we will try to make things right for you.

Place your request for a return or a refund within 30 days of the date of delivery. If, for some reason, an item does not arrive, place your refund request within 30 days of the most recent estimated date of delivery. We have no obligation to consider requests placed outside of these timeframes.

This is not what I ordered - If you receive an item that is damaged, not the size, color, shape you ordered, or not reasonably consistent with the item listing, you are eligible for a full refund. We may request some evidence of the issues - typically just a description of the Issues.

Item never arrived - If you don’t receive an item you ordered, you are eligible for a full refund.

Return and refund requests should be placed from your account within the app or from the website. Or locate the order in your order history and click on it for more options.

Getkart reserves the right to refuse any refund if the item is damaged-used-without tag and its original packaging boxes in any of these cases customer will be charged for return shipping.


How do I return a product I have purchased from Getkart?

If you want to return a product, feel free to reach out to our customer support team by shooting an email at or you can do that by clicking on my orders. You will be required to send images of the return order, especially if the product to be returned is a damaged/defective Repack the item and attached the airway bill sent to your email.

Is it possible to exchange my order instead of opting for a refund?

If you wish to trade or exchange your item to a new color or size, we request you to please return your original order and place a fresh order for your desired item. The refund for your returned order will be processed in 3- 5 working days.

Can I exchange a defective or faulty item?

In case you wish to exchange a faulty or incorrect product, you can get in touch with our Customer Support team, and send us supporting images of the products. Our team will assist you further.

In which situations can I request for a return?

A return can be requested in case of the following situations: Item was damaged or defective Wrong item was sent by the seller (Please note that the product image as seen on the Getkart website/app may or may not be an exact representation of the product shipped to you) Wrong size/specifications Item was damaged during shipping.

Are there any items not eligible for a return?

Yes, given below is the list of products not eligible for return:

Lingerie and Nightwear
Shape wears

Opened & used cosmetic items. Items found with traces of wear & tear Non-damaged, non-defective electronics with broken seals/tampered bar codes

Can I return/exchange a part of my order?

Yes. In this case, you can send us the Order ID of the concerned product, and we will process your request accordingly.

What is the time period within which a product is eligible for a return?

30 Days after the delivery.

Can the items be returned after the policy period?

Sorry, no items can be returned after the mentioned policy period.

Do I have to bear the shipping cost for a returned/exchanged product?

You are not required to pay any shipping fee for returns/exchange. It is completely free for you. If you returning the product in the same condition in which it was received.

Do you perform a quality check before accepting a return?

Yes, all products are checked for the following conditions: Correct product: The product must have the original tags/MEI/name/image/brand/serial-number/article-number/barcode Unused product: The product should be unused, unwashed and unsoiled.


How will I receive my refund?

Refunds are processed back to the original payment method used to purchase the order. But make a note that we reserve the right to modify the mechanism of processing refunds at any time without notice.

How long will it take to process my refund?

We will refund the amount within 7-14 working days. The actual date when the amount gets credited to your account will depend on your bank’s policy and payment method used.

Can I track the status of my refund?

Yes, please feel free to write to us at

Shipping & Delivery Getkart

What is Getkart’s shipping policy?

Getkart offers 2-5 days shipping on thousands of everyday essentials. Items shipping as freight may take longer than 5 days to arrive.

Shipping rates

A $6.49 + $1.99/lb. standard shipping fee applies to all orders. Customers may be eligible for free shipping on bigger order.

To make sure we get items delivered in 2-5 days to your door you need to place your order by 12 Noon in the time zone to which your package is being shipped. Keep in mind that there’s no standard delivery on Sundays or major holidays.

We can’t control delays caused by carriers, information errors, changes to orders, or bad weather. But if you ever feel like a delay is our fault, or even if you’re just worried about where your stuff is, please reach out and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Where do my Getkart packages ship from?

Getkart orders are delivered either from the warehouses of our retail partners or from our fulfillment centers. Getkart selects retailers that can fulfill your need in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

Why do I sometimes get a box from Getkart and sometimes from a different retailer Altogether?

Getkart selects the retailer that can most efficiently fulfill your order. When it’s most Cost-effective for Getkart to send your items, you receive items straight from our warehouse in a Getkart Logo box. When we select a different retailer, you receive an item from that retailer in their packaging.

How does delivery work for oversized items like furniture and appliances?

When you order an oversized item, you’ll be given an estimated delivery date range, and then a delivery company will call you to schedule the exact delivery window. Your shipment will be delivered to your doorstep; customers can make arrangements with the shipping company to help them get their furniture or appliances installed according to their needs on extra cost.

Seller Shipping Times

Most sellers agree to ship within 2-3 business days of your purchase. These expected transit times apply unless otherwise noted in the seller's policies.

Standard U.S. 2 to 7 business days after shipping
Expedited U.S. 2 to 5 business days after shipping
Two-Day U.S. 2 business days after shipping
International Standard 1 to 2 weeks (may take 2 to 4 weeks due to customs delays)
International Expedited 3 to 7 business days


When you enable Buyer’s accounts, GETKART stores password-protected information about a customer's identity, order history, and current order status. Your customers' details, such as address information, will be pre-filled from the stored information during checkout.

Once you selected an item/items and want to place an order you can proceed to checkout. You can go through our Checkout section to know more about how to proceed for checkout. Pay at Getkart using various Payment options.

Getkart provides a various specially personalized gifts for your near and dear-ones Gift Cards. The process to buy Gift Cards is easy. All you need to do is go to the section Gift Card and select the product which you like. Once you select the product, fill all the necessary details like shipping address, name, contact number and you are ready to send a Getkart Giftcard.

The various payment options for Getkart are:
  1. Debit Card
  2. Credit Card
  3. Net Banking

*Available only for selected items

For more details on payments follow the on-screen instructions on the payments section.



  1. Once you have selected the items you wish to purchase you can add those in the “Add to Cart” section.
  2. You may add items/products in your cart which you wish to buy.
  3. You can add your favourite products in your cart and save the items in the cart in from “Save to Cart” section.
  4. You can also mark your products as a favorite which you wish to buy later.
  1. Go to “My shopping cart”.
  2. Review your item which you wish to buy. Make sure you have selected the items if you wish to purchase multiple items then proceed.
  3. Enter the shipping address for delivery. Make sure you have entered correct details in the shipping address otherwise your item will not be delivered.
  4. Be ensured you have applied coupon codes and gift cards before you checkout.
  5. Select the payment method via which you wish to pay.
  6. Click on “Checkout” to confirm your order.
  7. Once the order is placed you will receive a confirmation email on your registered email Id and on your contact number regarding the details about your order.

Payment Options


If you wish to add or update your payment option you can do it by visiting “Payment section” in your Getkart Account.

Steps to add payment method while checkout:
  1. Add selected items to your cart which you wish to order and proceed to checkout.
  2. Next click on “Select a payment method” .
  3. Opt for the mode of payment through which you wish to make payment.
  4. Go through the list of payment options to know more about the modes of payment option accepted by Getkart.
  5. Proceed to place order.

Buyer Account


  • How to register on Getkart?
  • How to login /logout of Getkart?
  • How to reset my Getkart password?
  • Why I am unable to login my Getkart Account?
  • Can I login from my contact number?
  • Did someone used my email Id to create Getkart Account?
  • How to contact Getkart Support?


Q. How to register on Getkart?

Welcome to Getkart! We are here to provide you the best online shopping experience.

Register for free on Getkart!

Steps to create a Getkart Account.
  1. Read Getkart Terms and Conditions.
  2. Click on “I Agree” if you wish to create an account.
  3. Click “Register” at top of the website.
  4. Fill out the form.
  5. Check your email for confirmation message.
  6. Click on Confirm.

You will receive a confirmation message from the within few minutes.

Why I did not receive the confirmation email?

Make sure the email Id provided is correct. Check your spam folder or social media and promotion tab (for Gmail).

Yay! You are ready to shop with us!

Q. How to log in/log out of Getkart?

Go to and click “Sign in” at the top of the website. Enter email Id or contact number to log in to your Getkart Account.

Q. How to reset my Getkart password?

Forgot your password? Set your password here.

Enter the registered email Id or contact number to recover your password. Getkart will send you a password reset link to “Simply click on Forgot Password and follow the instruction below:”

Q. Why I am unable to login my Getkart Account?

Facing issue while “logging in” your Getkart Account. Try logging in with correct login details. If you wish to reset your password follow the instructions to reset the password.

Q. Someone used my email Id to create Getkart Account?

If you received an email from Getkart to an email address that you didn’t use to create a Getkart account, a few things may have happened:

  • Someone would have misspelled their email address when registering for a Getkart account.
  • Someone may have created a Getkart account using your email address.
  • You may have created this Getkart account a long time ago.

If you didn’t create this Getkart account, click Contact Support at the bottom of this page.

Q. How to contact Getkart Support?

Have any queries? We are here 24*7 available to assist you. Kindly contact us at 1 (800) 666-7365 or email us at

Account Settings


If you want to change your account settings. Make changes to your username, mobile number, account information, change the password and email you can do these changes from the “Account Settings” section.

To change account settings:
  1. Go to Your Account and select Account Setting.
  2. Click “Edit Account” if you wish to edit or update any details in your Getkart account.
  3. Select the option which you want to edit then click Save Changes.
Forgot Password/Reset Password
  1. If you have forgotten your password click on “Forgot my password”.
  2. Provide your registered email Id or contact number to set a new password.
  3. We will send you a password reset link on your contact number or email Id to set a new password.
  4. Click on the link and set a new password. Make sure to use a strong password.
  5. Click on save password.

Don’t forget to follow the on-screen instructions.

If you change the e-mail address on your account to an e-mail address that is already associated with another Getkart account, we will ask that you first verify your e-mail address. For more information, go to Verify Your E-mail Address for a New Account.

If you change your e-mail address, all subscriptions and communications preference will automatically be associated with your new e-mail address.

Buyer Safety


We offer a 100% Buyer Protection Policy to our customers.

Our customer is our strength and hence their protection is most important to us. At Getkart we clearly define our values and promises to our customers.

1. Genuine Products

Merchant guarantees to sell only genuine products to customers through

2. Secure Payments

  • Customers' Personal information is always kept safe and confidential.
  • All on-line transactions are secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

3. Easy Returns, Replacements & Refunds

Return request for any Order should be submitted within 30 days of receiving the Product. Refund will be initiated only upon receiving of the product Replacement will depend upon the availability of the production in case the product was damaged while in your possession, will not be under any liability to process the refund/replacement Damaged/ Missing/ Empty Packages need to be returned within 30 days of receiving the product Order Replacement can be done in following cases:

  • Wrong Size/ Color/ Style/ Quantity.
  • Missing Parts/ Accessories.
  • Defective/ Damaged (if not under Manufacturer's Warranty).
  • Not as per description.
  • Return Package ought to have the first tag and Packaging slip.
  • Few merchandise are Non-Returnable. Go through the product description.

Shipping Preferences

Order Fulfillment


Order fulfillment is the entire process of fulfilling orders which is being received online.

When a customer places an order with us. They expect a hassle-free process. Which means that the item should reach within the time frame. The item should be packed properly so that none of the parts are damaged. The overall experience is expected to be great so that next time customer comes back to the same seller and same platform.

The process of fulfilment involves warehouse management, order management, packaging, shipping and customer satisfaction and communication. You have options of how to go through this process depending upon your business model.

Let us explore the different ways you can do order fulfillment in Getkart.

Drop shipping

In drop shipping the retailer does not keep goods in stock nor handle the products but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

Third-party Fulfillment:

Third party shipping involves you sending your inventory to a fulfillment center. When the customer orders a product the third party has all the responsibility of taking care of shipping the product. The responsibilities includes receiving the inventory, shipping, tracking and again dispatching the item.


Here you own the inventory and fulfil orders yourself without involving any third party. The manufacturing and inventory control falls together and you can hire warehouse space which acts as your distribution hub where packers ship your products to the customer. Your profit is the difference between the retail price and the costing of manufacturing/buying the product, storage and fulfilling orders. The main advantage of self fulfillment is that you take the charge. Though it is a bit time taking, you know every small detail how your products are being picked and packed and when they are being shipped to the customer.

If you wish to sell on Getkart Register Here

Shipping Rates


The cost of shipping can make a big difference. Shipping cost is one of the important characteristics to determine whether to buy a product or not. Providing free shipping or charging delivery costs as little as possible can help you win over undecided buyers and increase your sales.

Things to keep in mind while setting competitive shipping costs

  • Consider including the shipping price into the item's price, so you can offer free shipping.
  • Check the shipping charges of similar items by other sellers.
  • Make sure the item's size and weight follows the guidelines.
  • Decide whether you're going to ship internationally, or just within India.
  • Think about whether you want to set a fixed shipping charge for all buyers, or shipping charges would be varied according to the location.


The shipping rates can be categorized on the based on Item/Weight shipping.

Shipping Labels


After you've made a sale on Getkart the next step is getting the item safely to your buyer. Our packing guide notifies you about when you've got a large or awkwardly shaped package to send.

Then, once you've got your item all packaged up, find out how you can save time and money by printing your shipping labels on Getkart.

After you've sold your item, it's important to pack it securely, in the right type of packaging, to make sure it gets to your buyer in the same condition as dispatched.

Need assistance regarding packaging?

Here are some tips on packing your items:

  1. Select a box that's slightly larger than your item, so you can pack it with packing material on all sides.
  2. Avoid using masking tape, cellophane tape, cord, string, or twine.
  3. Cover your item with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam, or paper – so that the item doesn’t get displaced.
  4. Always use clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape, Seal the opening of the box with tape and reinforce all seams and edges.
  5. Clearly label the package and always include a return address.
  6. If you're reusing a box, cover any previous labels or details or cross out with a marker.

Packaging of Irregularly shaped items

To ship irregular shaped items you need to do proper packaging. Here are some ways for packing irregularly shaped items. Use metals, cardboard, fabric, and tires.

Return Policies for Sellers

Return Policies for Sellers.

If the buyer returns a product how Getkart will return the product to the seller?

Getkart will support its overseas sellers by providing them Fulfillment Center Services for their returns in the United States. In this way, the Return Cost will be very low in comparison to sending the products back to the sellers overseas. Getkart has an agreement with USPS (United States Portal Services) for Shipping on Commercial Discounted Rates all over the United States. Soon, as we receive the return products in Getkart’s Fulfillment Centre, our staff will inspect the product to make sure it meets the return requirements. After inspection all the returned products will be stored in Getkart’s Fulfillment Center and added back to the sellers’ inventory for future orders. If the product is damaged or not in the condition in which was delivered to the customer than Getkart will not Refund to the Customer for that product. Soon as we get new orders for those returned products sellers won’t have to ship a new product, Getkart will manage and ship it from their Fulfillment Center.


Getkart will disburse payments to your bank account once a biweekly. You will be eligible to get paid for the order after the 15 days of order is confirmed as shipped.

Seller payments are secure and regular on Getkart.

Please note Funds are safely deposited directly to your bank account, every 15 days.

Getting Paid


You would be eligible for payment post account verification.

Selling online on Getkart is an easy and effective way to reach potential customers. Whether you have to sell only selected products or have a lot of products to sell. Getkart is the right place to sell online.

Getkart Seller will pay $9.99 Per month for the first year.

Payments for your sale (minus the Getkart Seller fees) is deposited securely into your bank account every 15 days*.

You can view your deposited balance along with the ideas to increase your sales and expand your business in Seller Account.

Fee and Taxes


Referral Fee:

Starting from 2% varies by category.

Shipping Fee:

Varies by Item volume & Distance.

Fee Rate Card:

*If the product is unavailable then the seller will have to remove the listing until the product is back in stock. If Seller is not able to full fill the order then then seller will be fined half of the price of the product and that amount till be credited to the buyers account as a courtesy.



Inventory is the item that the seller has to sell. A new “inventory” represents offered stock choices, and their quantities and costs.

The inventory tool helps all sellers to allow them to represent their inventory more accurately in their listings, giving them more control over how they set their prices and manage their stock.


We introduced variations to allow sellers to express different options for a given listing but that have some limitations.

With the work on inventory management, we’ve introduced a separation between a listing and the actual things it represents.

A product is an actual factor a marketer ships.

Each product can be given an optional product identifier so that sellers can link products on Getkart back to their physical inventory tracking process if they want.

An offering is an instance of a product with a specific price and quantity. Right now, there's a 1:1 mapping of products to offerings, but splitting the two allows us some room for future expansion, hopefully without making disruptive changes to the API.

By having price and quantity on offerings, we give sellers a lot more flexibility in how they specify what they have for sale. With this new approach, each product can be managed separately, simplifying the process of listing items considerably.


We enable listings to possess information as attributes - in different words, things that apply to all products represented by the listing.

In our bead example, we'd specify that the fabric is “glass”.

Structured data

The obtainable attributes and merchandise properties for a given listing - and their linguistics - rely upon the class that the vendor has chosen for them.

Structured data will allow us to provide buyers with more meaningful search and browsing experiences, and we’re really excited to be opening it up to our sellers.

Create Product Listing via Bulk and 1x1 Method


Creating a listing

Use the Add a Product feature to make a replacement listing by matching to the existing product detail page within the catalog. You can also create a new detail page for a product that does not yet exist in the catalogue and then create a listing for that product.

After you produce a list, use Manage Inventory to create changes to listing or product knowledge.

Note: the merchandise info you give in your listing could disagree from what you see on the product detail page.

For listings with quite one vendor, the knowledge on the merchandise detail page could mirror contributions from multiple sellers.

Copying a listing

The Copy Listing feature permits you to make a replacement product detail page victimization info from existing listing.

To copy a listing

On the Manage Inventory page, find the merchandise that you just wish to repeat.

The guide are inhabited with the merchandise attributes from the first listing aside from its label.

Enter the distinctive label product identifier, and any other attributes specific to the listing you are creating.

Click Save and finish.

Editing a listing

In most cases, changes you make to product information appear on Getkart within 5 minutes.
However, some updates will take up to six hours.
Product descriptions longer than 500 characters are generally updated after 8 a.m. EST the following day. Images may take up to 24 hours to appear on a product detail page.
To edit details for an existing listing:
On the Inventory menu, select Manage Inventory.
Select the Active standing filter on top of the merchandise list.

Find the listing you want to edit, and select Edit from the drop-down menu for that listing.
Click the links at the top of the page to add, edit, or change the listing's content.
You can additionally sort value and amount updates within the text boxes within the value and amount columns.

Click Save and finish.

To edit value and amount info, follow these steps:

On the Manage Inventory page, select Active from the Listing Status drop-down menu.

Find the listing you want to edit.
In the value and amount columns, type your updates in the text boxes.

Click Save.

Updating Price, Quantity


Manage Pricing

The Manage Pricing view allows you to update prices on any active listings, either one by one or in batches. It includes columns most commonly used for making price updates, but you can change the columns you want to see by clicking Preferences.

To update an item price:
Locate the label you want to update on the Manage Pricing page.
Click Match Low Price on the far right.
The item value within the Low value + Shipping column can mechanically update in order that it matches the low value.

Click Save to save your new price.

If you've got listings that area unit deactivated attributable to potential valuation errors, then you can confirm and update your prices by clicking Price Alerts and entering maximum and minimum bounds for each deactivated listing.
Setting Minimum and Maximum Price Limits you can add minimum and maximum price columns to your Manage Pricing or Manage Inventory view.

    To set the limits follow the below steps:
  1. Click Preferences, located at the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Check the choices Your Minimum value and/or your most value and click on Save Changes.

These columns will now appear in the Manage Pricing view and you can enter values in any cell and click Save.

Setting your price.

The following column in Manage Inventory applies to pricing:


The item price.

"Shipping" is that the lowest transportation charge obtainable for a product, based on your shipping settings.

When you kind by this column, the shipping charge is not taken into account.

The transportation charge is displayed in value for active listings solely.

Promotions & Marketing


Register yourself as a GETKART Seller today and take advantage by creating various offers and discounts on Getkart. By creating coupons, you may be able to attract a large customer base who will shop from you over and over again by creating coupon codes and discounts.

Promotional technique for improved sales volume varies with every single brand. It is important for you to identify the strategy which might work best for you and your company. Alternatively, you can get registered on Getkart as a seller and let the experts handle your case. Sign up as a seller today and start earning.

As a seller, our main goal is to reach our target audience and provide an amazing shopping experience with us.

You can use various promotional strategies to implement the same.

Offer free shipping

If you want to boost your brand visibility you can offer free shipping for your items. Many surveys claim that users prefer the items with free shipping as compared to those which includes shipping costs. You can provide free shipping for selected products for a limited period of time.

Buy more to save more

This is one of the promotional technique that has been attracting buyers lately. The idea is to offer bigger discounts to customers who shop more often. This not only improved the sales volume, but also the enhance customer buying experience.

Run Giveaways & Social Media Contests

If you want to be a successful online seller, the one choice you have is to create the right hype on social media. Run contests and competitions on different social media channels to improve brand awareness and visibility. You may choose to offer some of your best products as a giveaway.



Getting started is very easy. Find the steps to create a Seller Coupon
  1. Click on the section ‘Seller Coupons’.
  2. If you are a seller on Getkart and if you are creating coupons for the first time click on ‘Create your first coupon’.
  3. Select your products for which you want to create coupons by entering the seller product details then click on go and next add a coupon button.
  4. Set the discount you want to offer as money off or percentage off and set the budget.
  5. Select if you want to restrict the coupon conditions i.e.: one per buyer or many and continue to next step.
  6. Give your coupons a title and make an attractive creative, if you want you can even choose to limit the audience of your coupons to all buyers or prime buyers.
  7. Schedule the expiry date of the coupon and continue to next step.
  8. Set the Terms & Conditions of the coupon.
  9. Review and click on Submit. Coupons will be live on Getkart as per the scheduled time provided by you.



This is perhaps the most common and beloved technique that companies use to increase their sales volume. Research and analyze your competition, study their pricing strategy, and craft offers which will not only help you to reach your targeted market but also allows you to build your reputation as a seller whose prices are best in the online world.

Use Flash Sales Discount:

A flash sale discount is perhaps the best way to push prospective customers into making purchases. The idea is to create a sense of urgency among consumers by offering something really special for a limited period of time. You can use heavy discounts, combo offers, and even early bird offers for this strategy.

Manage Your Store


Manage your Getkart store with ease

Your active Getkart listings will be updated automatically and will appear in your Store, as a seller you need to organize your store. Use our best store management tools to manage stock, create categories, and showcase featured items and much more.


Getkart Store operates in the same way as a physical store does. Therefore, treat your store as a physical place – how you showcase your products and arrange them is totally up to you. The more organized the store is and the more attractive the presentation, the more likely buyers will visit and buy. You can organize your items within your custom Store categories, select items to feature and put items on sale. Simply go to Manage My Store and start managing your store.


Make it easier for customers to navigate to your Store and find items by using your own category structure. You can create up to 200 categories with up to three levels (e.g. Women Wear > Indian Wear> Saree). As the store is customizable your categories can be unique.

Here are some tips to create custom categories:
  1. Filter your listings according to brand, type and price.
  2. Create grasping categories to attract attention like "Fresh arrivals" or "Last stock left”.
  3. Edit, move and rename Store categories accordingly.

Seller Protection Policy

Brand Infringement


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Brand Infringement

Getkart’s Report Infringement form is to be used by intellectual property rights owners and their agents to notify Getkart of alleged intellectual property infringements such as copyright and trademark concerns. If you are not an intellectual property rights owner nor their agent, Getkart will not be able to process complaints submitted through this form. Please report your concerns to Getkart through the appropriate venue:

Sellers may use the Getkart contact us form to report inappropriate listings, other sellers, policy violations, etc.

Buyers may use this contact us form to report problems with orders, seller policy violations, etc.

Selling Pricing on Getkart

We make the fastest payments based on your performance within the 7-15 business days from the date of order and dispatch. You decide the price of your products and we charge you a small fee on the successful orders you make.

NOTE: Seller performance will be calculate and investigate by Getkart Performance Team on regular basis. It may includes your listing quality, shipping products, quality of product delivered, customer feedback, etc.



Amount that will be credited to seller account based on the performance within 7-15 days.


Amount that seller will charge to customers.


Please see the table below.


As per the seller country, taxes will be deducted on each order.


Amount that seller will charge to customers for shipping products.


Main CategoryAmazon %eBay %Getkart %
Electronics 8 10 7
Luggage 15 12-15 12
Pet supplies 15 10 12
Sports and Outdoors 15 12 12
Baby 8-15 9.5-12 10
Automotive 10-12 15 12
Arts & Crafts 15 12 13
Beauty and personal care 8 9.5 7
Computers 16 10-15 5
Women's Fashion 17 15 13
Men's Fashion 17 15 13
Girls' Fashion 17 15 13
Boys' Fashion 17 15 13
Health and Household 8 12 7
Home and Kitchen 15 10-15 13
Industrial and Scientific 12 9.5-12 10
Software 15 12 10
Tools & Home Improvement 12-15 9.5-12 11
Toys and Games 15 15 13
Video Games 15 10-12 10
NOTE: Amazon and eBay fee might be different to date.


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      • In case this information belongs to a third party you are authorized to use, and access such information.

    1. You shall hold harmless the Website and each of the employees, agents and any third party relying on the information provided by you in the event you will breach this Policy.

    1. Your order details may also be stored with us and you may access this information by logging into your account on the Website. You can also view the details of your orders that have been completed, those which are open and those which are short to be dispatched and administer your address details, bank details and any report to that you'll have signed. You undertake to treat the non-public access knowledge confidentially and not create it out there to unauthorized third parties. We cannot assume any liability for the misuse of passwords unless this misuse is our fault.

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Personal Information

By using, you agree to the collection, transfer, storage and use of your personal information by Getkart as further described in our privacy policy.

Personal Information

By using, you agree to the collection, transfer, storage and use of your personal information by Getkart as further described in our privacy policy.


These terms and the other policies posted on constitute the entire agreement between and you, superseding any conflicting parts of any prior agreements You will indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this Agreement, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.


1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files in your browser or device that are placed on your computer by websites you visit. These are widely used in order to make websites work more efficiently and enable various features.

2. How and why is Getkart using cookies?

Getkart uses cookies to get a better understand how visitors visit and use our website. Cookies help us to improve our service by improving user-friendliness and to gain customer satisfaction feedback for our products and services therefore, to enable these features some cookies are being applied when you enter a website.

We keep all the information collected in cookies saved in a non-personally identifiable format. The name on the IP address is not being retained by us.

3. What types of cookies does Getkart use?

Necessary Cookies:

Necessary Cookies are the important cookies that are necessary for the operation of the website. Without these cookies, this website will not work properly. For this cookies, the consent is not needed as this is essential for the website to run,

Session Cookies:

Session Cookies are the temporary cookies that are removed when you close the browser. These are only present during the session. When you restart your browser and again login to the site that created the cookie, you will be treated as a new website visitor.

Functional/Persistent cookies:

The cookies that are stored to improve the functionality of the website. These cookies may also store pages or products that are previously viewed. Cookies may also remember items you have previously placed in your shopping cart while visiting a website. Functional cookies, serve you content related to your interests and save you the time of having to re-register or re-filling the details. Whereas, for some websites, cookies enable us to store your favourite products or services. We may also use Cookies to restrict underage users from certain activities.

Cookies that send information to us

The cookies that are set on Getkart’s site and can only be read by that site is known as first-party cookies. We can also use cookies on brand ads on other websites such as Facebook. If you click or engage with an Advertisment we may obtain information through the cookie these are known as third-party cookies.

Demographics and Interest Reporting

We may use a double click cookie for better advertising and targeting. Google Double click cookie contains no personally identifiable information. However, if you wish not to retrieve your information this way you can go to google ad setting and opt-out of Display Advertising or use Google browser add on to opt-out of Google Analytics.

4. How can I change my cookies settings?

Make sure you are being notified about your browser storing cookies. If you wish not to accept the cookies you can disallow them. Although if you disallow the cookies you will not be able to use all the features on this website. You can manage browser cookies through browser settings. The Help feature would let you know how to prevent your browser from accepting cookies, how to enable and disable the cookies.

If you wish to delete the cookies you can delete them under “Cookie” SECTION.


Getkart takes Intellectual property rights very seriously.

This policy provides an overview of intellectual property (IP) rights when selling on Getkart.

  1. Violating this policy may result in the loss of selling privileges on Getkart.
  2. You must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and Getkart policies applicable to your products and product listings.
  3. You may not violate the Intellectual Property rights of other brands or other rights owners.

The Intellectual property includes various laws

1. Copyright

Getkart provides 24*7 assistance and handles copyright dispute if sellers are caught in a sticky situation. It is a wide platform where people can buy and sell products but sometimes there may be situation where we are not being misinformed about the details provided. Therefore, it becomes a valid reason of concern for the sellers about the copyright issues to sell.

2. Patent

Patents are a right which is granted to an inventor that allows them to exclude all others from making, using or selling their invention for 20 years. The trademark office reviews the patent and Trademark Office reviews which provides protection to your data. If approved the patent holder is permitted for the rights and all others are prohibited and need to take permission for the same.

3. Trademark law

A trademark is anything that helps you identify the source of a product, including a word, name, symbol, design, slogan, device, or any combination of these items. It could be something as simple as your store name, the distinct color of your product, your logo or design. If Getkart acknowledges any such activities it has right to take a technical or legal action.

If you face an Intellectual property related issue, we are here for you we are just a message and call away. Meanwhile there are few ways how you could respond if such situation arises. You may decide to contact the person directly. Sometimes it better to reach out to the person and handle the situation rather than complaints on forums and publicize resulting in no outcome!


Products offered for sale on Getkart must follow the laws and regulations of Getkart’s policies. The sale of unsafe, illegal or other restricted products is strictly prohibited.

If you supply a product in violation of the law or any of Getkart’s policies, including those listed on the Restricted Products pages, we will take corrective actions, as appropriate, including but not limited to immediately suspending or terminating selling privileges, destroying inventory in our fulfillment centers without reimbursement, returning inventory, terminating the business relationship, and permanent withholding of payments. The sale of illegal or unsafe products can also lead to legal action, including civil and criminal penalties.

Restricted products
  1. Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, and Medical Drugs.
  2. Animal Products and Human Remains.
  3. Dangerous Items: Hazardous Materials, Recalled Items, and Weapons.
  4. Hate Items: Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Hatred.
  5. Illegal Items, Items Promoting Illegal Activity, and Highly Regulated Items.
  6. Internationally Regulated Items.
  7. Pornography and Mature Content.
  8. Violent Items: Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Violence.

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