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4093 items

1 - 32 of over 4093 results Home, Kitchen, Grocery

Make Your Life Easy With Us

Home is no less than a heaven. It is our safest comfort zone where we live. Our home is a happy place where we grow, laugh, and learn. But for everyday living our home must be well stocked with all the essentials. From groceries to home appliances to kitchen utensils, you must have everything to run your home efficiently and smoothly. Groceries for daily food, utensils to decor your kitchen, or appliances for a luxurious life, you don’t need to go somewhere else for your everyday needs. As Getkart is here to make your life simpler. Whether you want packaged food like dal, namkeen or appliances like air conditioners, microwaves for a comfortable living, Getkart is a hub of all the home essentials you may possibly need. All you need is an internet connection & a mobile phone and get all the products delivered to your door with a click. Take a look at our huge collection and shop from the convenience of our home. 

Collection To Equip Your Home With All the Essentials

Why go to markets and take the hassle of standing in long queues when you can get everything online? We strive to provide a safe, convenient and affordable shopping experience. When it comes to quality, we pay the most attention to it & serve you with the best products. 

Grocery & Gourmet Foods:

Here is the end of the week and all your groceries are over. But don’t have enough time to go out to supermarkets? Snacks, beverages, dal, wheat, refined, butter, cheese, toast, tea, almonds, biscuits, honey & more, we have ample choices to pick from. Whether you want tasty biscuits with your evening tea or your kids have been demanding Maggi for a long time, Getkart cares for your needs and has everything under the roof. 

Home Appliances:

To run your home smoothly and for a comfortable living, you must have all the necessary appliances in your home. From heaters for warmth in summers to air conditioners for a cooling effect, we help you transform your home into a happy place. Whether you are thinking of replacing your old carpets & rugs with some stylish ones or looking to buy home decor to give a royal makeover to your place, we have endless options to pick from. Vacuum cleaners, home storage, indoor lighting, cushion covers, appliances slipcovers, event & party supplies, lightning & ceiling fans, irons & steamers, your gateway to fuss-free shopping is here. 


Having all the necessary utensils in the kitchen is a must for hassle-free cooking. From cookware to storage containers to dinner sets & cutleries, your kitchen must be filled up with all the utensils. Whether you need a pressure cooker to cook everyday food or a microwave to bake delicious cakes, Getkart will cater to your every need. 

Buy From the Comfort Of Your Home

No need to step out to buy home essentials as Getkart is just a click away. Just log in to getkart.in and stock up on thousands of products online. Shop now and save the expense of your traveling.