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108 items

1 - 32 of over 108 results Beverages

Beverages To Beat The Heat

As summers steps in, having a bunch of beverages & drinks is a must to beat the heat and replenish our body. Beverages are not just tasty but also provide necessary nutrients- vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, fats, & minerals. Beverages hold the ability to charge you after a long day of fatigue. It quenches your thirst and gives you the potential to be refreshed all day. From juices to boost your immunity to flavoured milk for a heavenly taste, we have great options to kickstart your day. Getkart houses a huge collection of Beverages & Drinks- juices, flavoured milk, sharbat, cold drinks, energy drinks, jaljeera, hot chocolate & more that you can buy with just a click. No matter if you need a pack of juices for your little ones or green tea to be fit & healthy, all your needs are taken care of. With an aim to keep your spirit high, we are relentlessly working & serve you with the best collection of beverages online. Buy now and feel fantastic from the very first sip. 

Quench Your Thirst With Our Beverages 

When it comes to beverages, there is no limit. We have ample options from popular brands. Stock up on our vast array of choices and satisfy your thirst. 

Fruit Juices:

Fruit juice is the best way to provide essential vitamins & minerals to your body. Having a glass of fruit juice every day is good for health & skin. It helps to boost our immunity and acts as a disease preventer also. Pomegranate, Mango, Apple, Grapes, Orange, we have all the flavours you may possibly want. Buy now and keep your family healthy. 

Favoured Milk:

Parents are always worried about the fact that their kids don’t drink milk because they don’t like its taste. While white milk has its own importance but if your kid doesn’t like to drink milk every day, you can consider flavoured milk as an alternative. It contains all the nutrients as unflavoured milk such as vitamin A, calcium & phosphorus and helps to maintain optimal health. Not only flavoured milk is beneficial to health but it’s also very tasty. Rose, Butterscotch, Elaichi, Coffee, Kesar, we have all the flavours under the roof. 

Sharbat in Different Flavors:

Want to add some sharbat to your beverage list for evening break? You have landed on the right platform. Sharbat reduces stress & anxiety and is great to drink with snacks. Explore our variety of flavours- mango, strawberry, litchi, orange, badam, lemon and pick your favourite one. 

Cold Drinks:

Looking for beverages to satisfy your thirst? A cold drink is a one-stop solution. On one hand, it raises alertness, energy, boosts immunity and increases the taste of your meal on the other. If you are back from an intense workout or very tired, drink a bottle of coldrink and all your exhaustion will be wiped away. Buy now & feel the fizz. 

Shop For Beverages Online 

Getkart is a hub of Beverages with a wide variety of flavours. All you need to do is log in to and buy any product at free shipping. Shop now & soothe your soul with our beverages.