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56 items

1 - 32 of over 56 results Snack Foods

Add some spice & crunch to your life

Without snacks, life is so boring. If you are the one who likes crunchy food, your evening break would surely be incomplete without some tasty snacks. For a foodie person, the house must be well-stocked with chips, namkeen, biscuits, and snacks. Whether you & your friends are watching a Cricket match or there is a small party at home, you can not miss out on snacks. They are the lip-smacking food that are must to have no matter what the occasion is. Snacks are the saviour when there is no food at home and you are starving. When you have kids at home, it becomes important to have a great quantity of snacks as they get hungry at frequent intervals of time. Snacks come in different flavors to suit different preferences. Like if you do not prefer that much spice, you can go for plain potato chips but if you are a spice-lover, there are many masala flavours for you. Getkart has a huge collection of snacks and food that you can’t resist. From khakra for a Gujrati to mouth-watering namkeens & snacks, we have everything under the roof. Explore our collection online and satisfy your cravings with delicious snacks. 

Luscious Snacks & Namkeens Are Just A Click Away

Getkart has a variety of snacks that will make you wonder what to eat or what not. Here is a glimpse of our collection: 


As winter steps in, chikki becomes a must-have to eat after dinner. Not only is it tasty but also contains nutrients, minerals & vitamins that are essential for a good health. So stock up on different flavors of chikki available at Getkart and enjoy your winter days with delicious snacks. 


If you are a Gujrati, you must know the importance of Khakhra in everyday life. It is tasty and healthy too. Like whole wheat flour Khakra is good for diabetics and does not raise your blood sugar levels. We have ample flavours in khakra- plain, masala, garlic etc. Shop now and bring a mouth-watering taste to your everyday meal. 

Banana Chips:

If you are a chips lover but also concerned about your health, banana chips are the best pick. These are crunchy, tasty, and healthy to have in the evening breaks. They are lower in calories, higher in protein and rich in vitamins. So, what are you waiting for? Add banana chips to your snack list and enjoy succulent snacks every day. 


When there are guests at home, namkeen is the best snack to serve. Getkart has a massive collection of namkeens from all the well-known brands. Buy now and enjoy tasty & delectable snacks. 

Buy Snacks Foods Online

Why step out when Getkart is here to provide yummy & finger-licking snacks online? Login to and get your favourite snacks right at your doorstep.