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Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

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116 items

1 - 32 of over 116 results Cleaning Supplies

Keep Your Home Clean & Hygienic

Everyone wants to have a heaven-like feeling in their house. No matter whether your home is embellished with classy furniture, beautiful decor, or stylish appliances, the place is not suitable to live in if it is unhygienic or has a bad smell. It is important that your house is clean, neat & tidy for the good health of your family & kids. Thinking that house cleaning is a tough job? If you have all the cleaning supplies, your job may get simpler & fun too. Getkart has a wide range of cleaning supplies for all purposes. Like a duster brush to clean dust from the fan, spin mops for a shiny floor, or a washbasin brush for a beautiful kitchen, we have everything under the roof. Shop now and clean every nook of your home without putting in much effort. 

Spin Plastic Mop:

Remember the days when people use a cloth & bucket to clean every nook and cranny of the home. The process was not easy and requires so much time & effort. Now, there are advanced spin plastic mops that not only help you turn your house into a beautiful place by cleaning all the dirt but also it is the most convenient way of home cleaning. It is a set of a mop & bucket. The mopper comes with an adjustable height so you don’t need to bend down for cleaning. The bucket is equipped with a foot pedal that helps you soak the extra water from the mop while cleaning. Buy the best-quality spin mop at Getkart and get a shining & sparkling home. 

Rubber Hand-Cleaning Gloves:

In the middle of household chores, you forget to take proper care of your hands. Here rubber gloves come to your rescue. Not only it maintains the shine of your hands but also prevents them to come in contact with germs. If you have cracked skin or have wounds on your hand, the detergent may hurt you while dishwashing the utensils. Wearing rubber gloves while dishwashing protects your hands and also lets you use hot water to clean the utensils. 

Plastic Dustbins & Wiper:

A dustbin is essential for every home. The kitchen is the place where we make the food so it needs to be hygienic. Placing a dustbin in the kitchen is vital to throw all the food waste and keep your place clean. Also, a small wiper helps you wipe off all the water around the kitchen counter and sink. Getkart has a great collection of plastic dustbins & wipers that promises good quality & durability. Check out the wide variety of colours online and shop with a click. 

Vacuum Cleaner:

Cleaning dust, debris or dirt from every corner of the house is not possible only with a mop. A vacuum cleaner is required to absorb dust particles from carpets, rugs, furniture, walls corners & floors. It comes with an air pump and suction device that holds the ability to soak every dust or dirt particle from hard-to-reach areas of your home. Getkart has a huge range of vacuum cleaners from well-known brands. Explore our collection online. 

Shop For Cleaning Supplies Online

Going to markets to buy cleaning supplies requires so much effort. Enjoy a comfortable shopping at Getkart that houses all the cleaning essentials you may possibly need. Shop now at free shipping & get a healthier home.