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305 items

1 - 32 of over 305 results Home Decor

Make a Beautiful Home

We always want a beautiful home just like we think in our dreams. Home decor has the potential to transform our living space into heaven. With home decor like wallpapers, paintings, clocks, vases, lamps, figurines, you can customize your home ambiance with a luxurious look. No matter if it's a normal day or a party at home, every room must get a fancy makeover. Getkart has a fascinating collection online to enrich your home with a wonderful effect. Explore our extensive selection online and give your home a unique look without even stepping out. So, create the best environment around you with a pinch of innovation! 

Spruce Up Your Home With New Decor

3D Wallpaper:

Want to get a stylish interior for your home? 3D wallpapers never fail to give an attractive appearance. There are no design restrictions so you can personalize your house the way you want. It can be a family picture, beautiful waterfall, shining stars, cartoons, and so on. Like you can get floral wallpapers to adorn your living room or cartoon wallpapers for a playful kid’s room. Also, they are easy to maintain and have the potential to spruce up your home like a new one. 

Stylish Wall Clocks:

A clock not only helps you keep a track of time but also gives a stunning look to your place. It is an inexpensive way to enhance the decor and give an attractive style statement to your home. From decorative wall clocks to classy digital clocks to pendulum ones, we have magnificent designs from which you won't be able to take your eyes off. Check out the top brands available and get the one that best compliments your home interiors. Have a different clock in every room and add some creativity to it. 

Decorative Mirrors:

Want to lighten up your home with a striking effect? A decorative mirror will help you do so. Every space in your house deserves to be luxurious and that is what a mirror provides. It gives an illusion of space and brings a new charm to your living space. Hanging mirrors, floor mirrors, or wall mirrors, we have everything under the roof in exclusive patterns & designs. Either you want to decorate your dressing room or the bedroom, our wide range of mirrors will undoubtedly elevate its beauty.

Vases & Lamps:

Not everyone realizes that vases and lamps are a quintessential part of home interiors. A lamp not only lights up a space but also rejuvenates the environment. Whether there is a party or a small get together at home, vases & lamps bring a modern sense of style and help you impress your guests. We have a great collection of vases & lamps to fill your home with a positive vibe. Take a glimpse at our vast array of choices and grab the perfect one. 

Shop Online For Home Decor

Your home is a place where you live so it should be decorated perfectly. If you are looking to buy home decor, Getkart is the right choice for you. From paintings to wallpapers, we have endless options to provide your home a phenomenal look. Just log in to getkart.in and shop for what you want. Also, get Free Shipping on every purchase.