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1 - 32 of over 125 results Backpacks

Backpacks For A Stylish Appearance

With constant changes in fashion, luggage bags have significantly progressed and come a long way with exclusive designs & patterns. A backpack not only looks stylish but it is functional too. With ample pockets & storage, it lets you pack all your stuff efficiently. Backpacks are highly versatile and easy to carry while on the go. Whether you need to carry books to college or laptop to the office, a backpack fulfils all your needs without letting you run out of style. A professional look at the office or a classic one at college, a backpack helps you mark a strong impression on others. Talking about comfort, backpacks put less strain on shoulders and are easy to hold all-day without feeling any pain. With many zips and pockets, you can store a laptop, water bottle, books, wallet in an organized manner. Getkart houses a great collection of Backpack to serve all your needs. Whether you want a plain black leather bag for office purposes or a graphic backpack for college, there are unique styles to choose from. 

Collection To Serve All Your Needs

Laptop Backpack:

If you need to carry your laptop on a daily basis to college or office, then a laptop bag is a true essential for you. But can a handbag be comfortable to carry a laptop? No, right. Here a backpack helps as it has the potential to keep your laptop safe without causing any pain on your shoulders. Getkart holds a huge collection of backpacks that has a special section to keep the laptop with extra space for carrying a charger, documents, books or bottle. So, explore our collection online and get a suitable laptop bag with a click. 

Travel Backpack:

Why to take a heavy suitcase when you need to carry light stuff? Here comes the role of a travel backpack. With a wide number of pockets & space, it lets you store all your essential items in a segregate manner. Not only is it comfortable to carry but also gives a cool & chic look while travelling. So break the norms and explore the world with a travel backpack.  

Leather Backpack:

Leather backpack are the most popular ones with a shiny touch on the top. It really gives a classy look and lets you store your belongings in style. Take a glimpse at our vast array of patterns in leather backpacks and get the one you like the most. 

Waterproof Backpack:

When you step out on a rainy day or go for a trek to a place with unpredictable weather, a normal backpack will not work. You need to carry a waterproof bag so that your stuff doesn’t get wet. Getkart has an upscale collection of Waterproof bags that will keep essentials safe even in heavy rains. Explore our backpacks online and travel in a beautiful monsoon season without any worries. 

Buy Colorful Backpacks Online

With a great collection online, we strive to fulfill all your luggage needs. So, browse hundreds of options online at Getkart and get a durable backpack at Free Shipping. Shop now and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.