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48 items

1 - 32 of over 48 results Mobile Cables

Wide Variety Of Mobile Cables

Cables are one of the important mobile accessories which help you in many ways. Either you want to charge your smartphone, transfer pictures to laptops, connect your mobile to TV, or amplifiers, Getkart has all types of cables for you. Take a glance at our connection and make a suitable choice as per your budget and requirements. 

USB Cables:

Looking to buy a USB cable to charge your phone? USB Cables not only charge your phone but also helps to transfer files, videos, images from one device to another. Getkart has all types of USB cables for different phone models. Type A, Type C, or Micro SD Card, we have a massive collection to pick from. Check out our collection and get a compatible one for your smartphone.                                                                                                                             

HDMI Cable:

Technology has come a long way with the latest inventions. Now you can connect your phone to a TV to display the videos or images on a bigger screen. If your smartphone has an HDMI port, you can effortlessly pair it with a TV. So, shop for an HDMI cable and enjoy an amazing viewing experience. 

Network Cable:

Browsing online to buy a Network Cable? With a network cable, you can connect two networking devices and transfer files, media through the internet. On the other hand, you can use this cable to connect your printers & scanners with computers to print, scan or perform different functions. 

OTG Cable:

OTG Connector is used to connect your mobile device to peripheral accessories like USB Drives, Keyboards etc. It lets the device read data from a USB device without the use of a PC. An OTG cable makes your work easy for example if you are playing a game on your mobile, you can link it to a keyboard & play using its keys for a next-level gaming experience. 

AUX Cable:

Auxiliary Cable is used to link your smartphone with amplifiers, external speakers, car stereo, home theatres to get a loud & clear music experience as never before. Shop from our vast array of options and feel every beat of the music. 

Buy Mobile Cables Online

Getkart is a home to mobile cables with an extensive selection at affordable prices. From Power Sharing Cable and HDMI Cable to Network Cable and OTG Connector, there are different types of cables available. Getkart also offers amazing deals while shopping online. Browse our collection online and get the perfect fit for your smartphone. Get Free Shipping on every purchase and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.