Seller Policy

1) When will I get my payment?

In particular, 14 days after registering your seller account, Getkart first clears your balance sheet. This implies that on your final payment, Getkart will facilitate a transfer to your bank account. The arbitration process consequently repeats itself every 7-14 days. You should have the below in order to obtain seamless digital payments from

A beneficial cash balance for the seller. This implies, but during a mediation period, the amount of funds you received from sales is larger than the number of charges and refunds you paid.

Valid details about your bank account in your outstanding invoices. transfers the proceeds of the sellers' transactions to their bank accounts through bank transfer, and that you must have valid details about your Indian checking account before you could even collect payments to deliver a smooth flow of transactions. Getkart publishes a settlement document in the Reports section of the Seller Panel when your transaction is settled. Getkart also initiates the payment through an automated bank transfer to your checking account. After Getkart has approved a transfer, it normally takes 2 to 3 working days for the payments to enter your bank account.

2) How will I get paid?

You don't have to worry regarding settlements with Getkart, because Getkart transfers funds straight to the bank account you mentioned in the Seller Panel. Everything you've said is to visit the Seller Panel and afterward the Account Details Page to check your bank account records. The payments will be sent directly to your bank account, and in the case of cash - on - delivery.

3) What if I have queries about my payments?

You can always contact Seller Assistance as a vendor on to help you to understand your transactions and get your issue fixed.

Popular explanations for sellers getting payment concerns are when the Seller Panel has incorrect / missing details about their bank account. If you really have recently begun selling on, as described before, just the first payment takes 14 days, after where you'll be paid every 7-14 days. Often, there is a risk of delay in cases, including where the transaction is under examination for confirmation. But, your transaction will be deposited over the next 14 days as soon as your account is verified and you begin offering.

4) How does selling on Getkart work?

It's profitable to market on Getkart. Second, you mentioned the items on the Getkart marketplace that you'd like to sell. The customers perceive your item and require an order. To deliver the item, you will receive a message/email/call. You deliver the item to the consumer and confirm the package. After deducting our payments, Getkart will transfer the money into your bank account.

5) I don't have a website; can I still sell on Getkart?

To begin selling on Getkart .in marketplace, you shouldn't need a platform. You will have connections to our Seller Central portal after you have completed your verification; using that, you can then list your items for sale on Getkart.

6) How do I list my products on Getkart?

You could use our Web-based platform to list items a few at a time or to list your large quantities of products with excel-based stock files. Obviously, it depends on whether your goods are now in the Getkart catalog; the process and details needed may differ. Once you have completed your sales registration on Getkart, you would be guided by the necessary steps to list your goods.

Please note that it is presently compulsory to list ISBN / barcode technology on Getkart. If you are and do not have a vendor, you can seek an exemption by approaching your Seller Central to account for sales help. To display your products, some market segments can require additional details.

7) Can customers give feedback, and why is it important?

Yeah. Yeah. Consumers may leave input. A crucial determinant of success on Getkart is maintaining a constant feedback rating. For buyers, it's the easiest way to classify you as a reputable seller. On the Bid Listing Tab, your ranking appears and is among the first aspects that clients see. We also found in other markets that users are more willing to buy goods with higher ratings from sellers. The main metric used among Getkart to gauge your success is your feedback ranking.

8) Do I need to courier my products to Get Kart?

No, the delivery of your goods will be handled by Getkart. All you have to do is bag the item and keep it prepared for shipment. Our logistics partner will procure the item from you because it sends it to the client.

9) Who takes care of the delivery of my products?

Our shipping department will procure the item from you and distribute it to the customer. Everything you have to do is keep it prepared for dispatch and packed.

10) How do I price my products?

Please account for the relevant Marketplace Fee when purchasing goods on Getkart, and provide an acceptable margin to meet the sale price. You can use our Commission Calculator widget if you're already on board for ease of analysis.

11) How do I manage my orders on Getkart?

Via our seller dashboard, we allow handling your deliveries very conveniently for you. We give you an e-mail message if a customer makes an order. Inside the timeline given by you, you have to pack the tasks and keep it ready for dispatch and notify us via the seller portal. This alerts our work and understanding to collect the item from you.

12) Can I get help with catalogs as per Getkart guidelines?

We have third-party suppliers who are qualified in the guidelines for Getkart imaging and cataloging and can help you create high-impact listings. For Getkart sellers, they have very preferential prices and deals. When you complete registration, you can contact them at any time via your Seller Central profile. 

13) Does Getkart provide packaging material?

We have a wide network of the best suppliers of packaging materials in the industry. In order to get high-quality plastic packaging that astonishes the clients and guarantees that your goods stay undamaged, we will link you with them.

Selling Restricted products will lead sellers to the Getkart Policy Violations, which can suspend or block the account permanently. We only include this information about students' purposes, and it is not meant in any way as legal advice. If you have concerns about the laws and regulations relating to your goods, we advise you to check with your legal representation. No customer shall, in any way, evade certain rules or content set out in other regulations and notices of restricted objects. Otherwise, they should be more harshly punished.

List of Restricted Products are:

1.Sports Collectibles guidelines and Examples

• Permitted Products

• Unique collectibles a player used

• Merchandises signed

• Digital signature goods

• Unsigned goods in collector's edition

2. Coins and Paper Money Collectibles guidelines and examples

• Permitted products

. Coins Collectible

•Paper money collectible

• Prohibited Products

Fraudulent coins and paper currency, such as banknotes, contracts, and orders for currency.

• Things deemed promissory notes (i.e., coins and paper money)

• shares and stocks.

• Machinery used to manufacture counterfeit goods.

• Money or actual cash items, namely cash sales, traveler's paychecks, stored value goods such as wholesale or open-loop gift vouchers or electronically stored value withdrawal tokens, gold, silver, or other precious metal bullions (except for retail gift certificates for which RBI authorization has been obtained).

• Replica and prop cash that is not explicitly labeled "Copy," including:

Ø Coins

Ø Tokens

Ø Paper Money

Ø Commemorative Medals

3. Entertainment Products Guidelines

• Permitted Products:

• Specific collectibles such as a pen or clothing used by celebrities.

• Merchandises signed

• Digital Signed Product

• Unsigned items in a limited edition

4.Fine Art

• Permitted Products:

• Paintings, watercolors, sketches, and two-dimensional canvases are one-of-a-kind.

• A photo or illustration that is available in limited editions and includes the following:

Ø In a 50 or less version

Ø only other version of the work released in this size (in those other sizes, the same picture also can have versions up to 200)

Ø The prints must be labeled (X / XX) and authenticated or followed by a certificate of authenticity authorized by the artist, showing the print numbering (X / XX)

Ø Artist proves, or color test certificates (CTP) are allowed for editions of less than 200.

• Secondary -sale products (artwork with a sales history), where even the works must be checked by the seller. For the job, the seller must have proof of purchase or title and supply it to the buyer. Where appropriate, listings should contain authenticity (with sales history).

• Prohibited Products:

Three-dimensional pieces of literature, including sculptures

•Textile or anthropological or archaeological-based art

• Items that endorse or idolize hatred, abuse, ethnic, sexual, or religious bigotry or support such views by organizations.

• Paintings/ Photographs of the crime scene.

Works of art / Prints • mortuary or autopsy.

• Items related to terrorist activities, including the selling of photos or objects related to the current prisoners, offenders, terrorist groups, etc.

•Items that represent children (including boys, girls, babies) and youth (including boys, girls) in a condition that is explicitly sexual or promotes child sex acts, child exposure, foul child language, use of child drugs, or profanity. Sexually suggestive or nude illustration paintings/ prints Objects that encourage xenophobia and hatred against groups of immigrants and refugees.

• Drawings/prints that are not lawfully allowed for the sale or reproduction of copyrighted artwork.

Paintings/prints deemed offensive by Getkart are prohibited from being mentioned on Getkart retains the ability to assess the suitability of the listings on its website and, at any time, to delete any listings.

Epigraphic drawing or other works of art that are 'antiques' (that is, have existed for no less than one-half century)

• Paintings / Prints identified by Central Government order published in the gazette as 'art treasures.'

• Artwork without so much as an artist called here.

• Artwork that has already been arm-painted (also called "brush to canvas") as a mass-produced or commercial work.

• Artwork that was made as a copy of prior knowledge; even if there is an accredited artist or the artwork generally meets the criteria above, the artist did not intentionally make upwards of one edition of the very same artwork.

• Promotional posters or ads even though they otherwise satisfy the above criteria.

• Limited edition artwork that comprises all of the following:

Ø Signed Estate or Editions of Estate

Editions signed by Ø Plate

Ø Photos or editions (CC) of Creative Commons

Ø An version of over 200, even if the above specifications are numbered and hand-signed and otherwise fulfilled.

Ø Open editions, even if the above specifications are hand-signed or otherwise met.

• Art-related items, but not artworks itself,

5.Jewelry & Precious Gems

• Forbidden Products:

• Gold, platinum, or silver items that are not stamped in accordance with the laws in effect.

• Items which, according to applicable laws, do not conform with the specified requirements for jewelry and precious metals.

• Irradiated precious stones unless the relevant government authority has approved the sale.

• Diamonds that would not comply only with the Certification Scheme of the Kimberley Process or other conformity assessment applicable in India.

• Enhanced white diamonds with transparency.

• Rubies-filled with glass.

6. Offensive Products

• Forbidden Products:

Products are advocating or glorifying hatred, abuse, ethnic, sexual, or religious intolerance or encouraging organizations of such opinions.

• Images of the crime scene

• Photos of morgue for autopsy

• Parts of the human body Products recovered from the site of a disaster or catastrophe.

• Images, sound, or other recordings have been taken without authorization from the subject.

• Items related to terrorist operations, including the selling of photos or objects related to the current prisoners, offenders, terrorist groups, etc.

Items that represent children (including boys, girls, babies) and youth (including boys, girls) in a sexually provocative way or in a way that promotes acts of child sex, child pornography, child profanity, use of child drugs, or profanity.

• Graphic horror pornography video.

7. Plastic and Thermocol Products

• Prohibited Products:

• Plastic carry bags with self-carrying feature

• Plastic cling films

• Plastic stretch wrap film or stretch film

• Plastic shrink film

• Plastic and thermocol plates

• Plastic and thermocol cups and glasses

• Plastic and thermocol spoons, knives, forks

• Plastic Straws

• Disposable and thermocol plastic dishes

• Plastic and thermocol bowls and containers

• Plastic pouches to store food or liquids

• Plastic coffee cup lids

• Non-woven (plastic) bags

• Plastic coated carry bags

• Plastic coated plates

• Plastic flags and buntings

•Packaged drinking water bottles (PET or PETE bottles) with a capacity of 200ml liquid and less.[SS2]

Return Dissatisfaction Rate - The return procedure of a product may be focus to added terms dependent on the nature and group of the product. Any such added terms may be stated on the Website or be intimated by the Buyer at the time of buying of the product. The Return Dissatisfaction Rate methods the customers' fulfilment with their return experience.

Negative Return Feedback Rate - Getkartmade the Return Dissatisfaction Rate to prevent claims and negative opinion, and guide sellers' accepting of where they can increase the returns knowledge for their buyers. % of valid return requests that have expected negative buyer response.

Invalid Rejection Rate - The invalid return feedback rate raises to the percentage of valid return requests where consumersspecify their problems have not been set on. Our policy is that sellers preserve an RDR under 10%.

Claim Rate : The Claim Rate (represented as a percentage) is the number of orders with a applicable claim divided by the number of orders in each 60-day time period.

Counterfeit product policy - Clientsbelief that they can all the time buy with assurance on Products available for sale on Getkart must be reliable. The sale of counterfeit products, with any products that have been illegally fake, reproduced or manufactured, is strictly banned.

We work with manufacturers, rights holders, content owners, vendors, and sellers to recover the ways we notice and prevent false products from getting our customers. As a result, we eliminate suspect listings based on our own review of products.

Getkart tries to confirm a reliable shopping knowledge for our customers. By selling on Getkart, you decide that:

• The sale of counterfeit products is strictly prohibited.

• You may not sell any products that are not legal for sale, such as products that have been illegally pretend, reproduced, or industrial.

• You must deliver records about the legitimacy of your products if Getkartneeds that documentation.

Failure to abide by this policy may outcome in loss of selling rights, funds being withheld, destruction of inventory in our fulfilment centers, and other legal costs.