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48 items

1 - 32 of over 48 results Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness: Everybody Needs A Tune-Up

Regular sports & fitness is good for health and reduces the chances of diseases also. Physical activities, exercise or playing sports increase your energy level, boost your mood & attitude and keeps you positive too. Being fit helps you in numerous ways. It improves your overall health and builds the next level of confidence in you while interacting with others. Day-to-day sports & exercise keeps your mind & body active and helps you feel energized all day. Do you ever get exhausted just mounting the staircase or does your walk down the hall seem to go on forever? All these problems have a one-stop solution i.e daily exercise & sports. But some people don’t have enough to go to gyms. So what’s the alternative? Now, you can exercise right at your home on a daily basis with some equipment. Getkart has a wide assortment of sports & fitness equipment- Foot pedal exercise, abs roller for physical fitness, pedo cycle, hand-shoulder pulley equipment & more at the best prices. Discover our myriad fitness products and get what you need at amazing discounts. 

Wide Range of Sports & Fitness Products

We care for your fitness and serve you with state-of-the-art products online. From fitness equipment to sports protectors, we have everything under the roof! Take a glance: 

Push Up Bars:

Daily push-ups help to strengthen your body & muscles such as shoulders, arms & chest. It is an effective exercise for building upper body strength. An average of 50 to 100 pushups are enough to maintain a good upper body. Get Push Up Bars with Foam Handle at Getkart at the most reasonable prices. It is suitable for power pushup training, portable & easy to carry. Don’t stop till you drop! 

Hand Shoulder Pulley Equipment:

Do you have a shoulder problem or are not able to move it due to extreme pain? Get an Albio Pulley Kit which is a complete shoulder rehabilitation system to restore full motion to the shoulder joints, reduce pain, stimulate muscles, & weight loss. It can easily be hung to the top of the door and you can exercise at home easily & safely. 

Fitness Bands:

If you are a sportsperson, a fitness band is a must for you. It helps keep a keen watch on your daily step counts, running, daily burned calories and gives you a reminder in the event you are not completing your daily goal. Also, it helps to record your heart rate, blood pressure and gives you alerts in case any it is not average. A fitness band lets you organize your daily activities efficiently and help you achieve your maximum potential. Get the M3 life fitness band at affordable prices from Getkart. 

Sports Protective Equipment:

If you are a sports player, then you must know the importance of sports protective equipment. It ensures your safety and protection from any kind of uncertainties. We have all the protective gear that you may need to wear in different sports activities. Our collection includes- shin guard, goalkeeper helmet, leg pads, arm guards, chest guards, etc. Whether you play Hockey, Cricket, Football, Soccer, Tennis, you can get every sports protective gear here. 

Buy Sports & Fitness Online

Getkart has a variety of sports & fitness equipment online. Login to and browse over thousands of options available. Shop now at Easy Returns & Timely Delivery.