Women's Brown Baguette Bag

Women's Brown Baguette Bag Noorainternational

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  • Material: Pure Leather
  • Perfect for all ages women ladies
  • A fashion bag full of personality, convenient for you to hold cash, coin, keys, cards. etc
  • Hand bag to help you carry books, tablet/kindle/iPad, glasses, cell phone, & other essentials etc
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Women's Brown Baguette Bag

Product Description

Women's Brown Baguette Bag

This fashion statement goes a long way. Take it up for a wedding, a play, or a night out on the town. Whatever you’re looking for, this look has it! Spring, summer or fall, don’t let this Hand Bag slip out of your hands.

Made from the finest Leather in India, this designer piece of Hand Bag was made for you. Form fitting and stylish, we know fashion and we know you’ll love this!

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The leather bag has been made out of 100% Pure leather which has been handcrafted into great products by highly skilled artisans. The blend of form and function, top shelf materials, the softest natural leathers, the technology and the sheer utility of Noora leather Products have been instrumental in garnering rave reviews from consumers.

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This fashion statement goes a long way.You can carry them to a wedding, a play, or a night out on the town. Whatever you’re looking for, this bag has it! Spring, summer or fall, you can use this bag during any part of the year. Made from the finest Leather in India, this designer bag was especially made for you. We know fashion and would assure you that you’ll love this brown baguettee leather bags which have found place in the latest trends owing to their style and uniqueness. This bag will be your first and of course best choice if you make comfort your first priority.

Women's Brown Baguette Bag

Additional Information
Country of Origin India
Color Brown
Size One Size
Weight unit (kgs) 1 kg
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