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Shoes, Flats & Slippers

Shoes, Flats & Slippers

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246 items

1 - 32 of over 246 results Shoes, Flats & Slippers

Perfect Blend Of Comfort And Style

You can’t wear heels every day as they do not provide that level of comfort like a flat do. Flats are highly comfortable that can be effortlessly worn all day without any unpleasant feeling. In this fashionable era, footwears have progressed significantly with new styles, designs & patterns. Shoes, Flats or Slippers, we deliver exclusive designs just for you. With constant changes in fashion, being in trend is important and that's what Getkart provides. Be it a formal flat, party wear, festive wear or formal wear, we have a wide range of styles to pick from. Gone are the days to wear basic footwears. It’s time to explore your true style with some classic shoes. So, either you want a pair of mojris to pair with a traditional kurta, or open-toe flats to complement with jeans-top, you can buy anything at Getkart. Take a glimpse at our collection and rock your every style with perfection. 

Exclusive Designs To Choose From

Getkart brings you an inexhaustible collection of footwears at the best prices. Say goodbye to your boring looks and welcome trending fashion with our fresh collection. Here is a glimpse: 

Slippers & Flip-Flops:

When you think of the most relaxed footwear to wear indoors, slippers & flip-flops are the ones that come to mind at first. Also, if you are going to a beach, a slipper or flip-flop is a must to have for a perfect fun time. We serve you with an extensive selection of slippers that are extremely comfortable yet durable. Explore the different colours available and choose the one that fits you best. 

Flats In Exclusive Designs:

Talking about footwear, flats are a necessity for everyday living. Whether you are going to college, office or on a casual outing, flats are gentle on the feet and never disappoint in providing you a stunning look. If you are not fond of heels or want maximum comfort while walking, flats are your best companion. Bellies, Handcrafts Mojris, Leather Flats, Open-Toe Flats, Ballet Pumps, Printed Ballerinas, Embroidered Flats, there are a variety of colours, textures & prints available. So find the perfect fit and admire others with your fashionable look. 


If you are looking for the most comfortable footwear wearing outdoors, then shoes are the best choice. Not only do they provide immense comfort but also give a cool & chic look. Whether you are travelling, going for a run or it’s just a casual day, a shoe will always have your back. Gym Shoes, Running Shoes, Casual Shoes, Fancy Shoes or Slip-Ons, we have everything under the roof. 

Get Yourself A Classic Footwear:

Now, you can buy your favorite footwear right from your doorstep. Login to and discover exclusive designs online. Flats, slippers, Shoes, just name the footwear you need and we will bring it to you with a click. Also, there are no shipping charges no matter where you locate in India. Enjoy the biggest perks like Easy Returns & Timely Delivery. Shop now and get an amazing shopping experience.